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Paul McManus and   Tracey McManus Photo

Books by
Paul McManus and Tracey McManus

For a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings


Paul McManus and Tracey McManus


Paul McManus has studied religion, philosophy and self-development for over 30 years and has coupled his learning with inspiration from his life and family to create THE 7 GREAT PRAYERS. Professionally, Paul began his career in advertising and marketing and followed the American dream of creating a better life for his wife Tracey and three children. He became the President of the U.S. division of a small international software company in 1998. Life was good for the McManus family until the dotcom bubble burst. The company folded. Paul lost his job and his home. He struggled to make ends meet for his family. Always spiritual, Paul found himself praying more and more for guidance and support during these difficult times. As material possessions slipped away, he gave thanks and wrote THE 7 GREAT PRAYERS. Knowing that prayer gave him and his family solace and strength during their challenges, Paul made the decision to make a career change to fulfill a higher purpose. His mission is to teach people how to tap into the power of God and the power of the mind to live life to its best and fullest through THE 7 GREAT PRAYERS and affirmation prayers.

Tracey McManus is a teacher’s assistant and works with elementary school children with special needs. Tracey also has her own photography business specializing in family portraits. Mother of three children, Tracey’s passion is her family. Married to her high school sweetheart Paul, the consummate serial entrepreneur, Tracey has had more than her full share of ups and downs. During the most challenging times Tracey created a Positive Journal. At the end of the day, no matter how badly things might have been, she would reflect on the day and find those things and moments that were good and give thanks for them. Recognizing the need for a tangible reminder to give thanks and pray THE 7 GREAT PRAYERS, Tracey used her creative zeal for jewelry making to create THE 7 GREAT PRAYERS Blessing Bracelet, Blessing Beads and Necklace. By bringing people closer to God, THE 7 GREAT PRAYERS and the jewelry beads have brought people great comfort and strength through tough times. Tracey has found purpose and joy in sharing THE 7 GREAT PRAYERS with the world and with Paul is using a portion of the sale proceeds to help homeless families and children.

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