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PURE GOLD: Embracing God's Grace Cover Art

Books by
Pam Davis

PURE GOLD: Embracing God's Grace


PURE GOLD: Embracing God's Grace
Pam Davis
ISBN: 9781934068649

Pam Davis was the seemingly perfect woman. She was gorgeous and godly. A former model with a renowned agency, Davis spent time on the mission field demonstrating her devotion to the gospel. Yet she was secretly miserable. In spite of all her hard work for the Kingdom, she felt hopelessly inadequate and far from God. Even her body wasn’t good enough, as evidenced by her eating disorder. In her quest for spiritual and physical excellence, Davis had missed one vital detail --- grace.

In her new book, PURE GOLD: Embracing God's Grace, Davis leads readers to discover how the priceless commodity of grace will transform every aspect of their lives. However, Davis believes that, for most of us, our fundamental misunderstanding of grace keeps us from the life-giving choice to pursue it. Although we realize that salvation is a gift that we could never earn, we continue to live each day as though God’s spiritual blessings are dependent on our good works --- and lots of them. This failure to seek the spiritual gold of God’s grace results in spiritual bankruptcy evidenced by a lack of joy and peace, worry, feelings of being overwhelmed and a lost passion for life.

“God testifies that He is a God of grace. To those who receive grace in Christ, God extends inexhaustible, unmerited benefits that give us joy, pleasure, goodwill, thanksgiving and the essential benefit --- spiritual life,” Davis states. “This gift of grace is always available to us, but we often fail to stake our claim. For most of us, just trudging through life day to day blinds us from seeing our need for God’s grace. So often, we choose eternal drudgery instead of eternal destiny --- and we end up feeling lost, hopeless, useless, numb and even obsolete.”

Since the earliest days of her speaking and writing ministry, Davis has focused primarily on communicating the glorious, liberating truth of God’s grace. In recent months, she has attracted increasing media attention as the founder of the Girls ’n Grace line of books and character dolls that instill Christian values and communicate God’s grace to girls ages 7-12. The Girls ’n Grace product line continues to attract a growing consumer base, both with little girls and their grateful mothers. As Davis penned PURE GOLD, she thought of these mothers and the countless other women who, just like her, have become caught up in the to-do lists, activities and the pressure --- both internal and external --- to be perfect.

“We are fragile vessels of grace, and God desires to show His strength in our lives precisely at our points of weakness. When we yield control of our lives to Christ, we begin to experience His divine grace,” Davis states. “Through this divine grace --- not our own strength --- we can accomplish the tasks set before us. Each day we can experience joy instead of the slow death of a numbing routine. I know, because I have experienced it both ways,” she says.

PURE GOLD communicates through Scripture and engaging masterful storytelling the nature of God’s grace and how to receive it. Davis offers practical examples and tips that will allow readers to “pan for spiritual gold” in their own lives. The book also includes both discussion questions at the end of each chapter and a collection of Bible studies perfect for either group or individual use.

PURE GOLD: Embracing God's Grace © Copyright 2017 by Pam Davis. Reprinted with permission by Authentic. All rights reserved.

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