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Books by
Timothy J. Beals



Ted W. Engstrom, edited by Timothy J. Beals
Christian Living
ISBN: 9781934068069

Ted W. Engstrom was one of the most influential Christian leaders of the last century. Among Christianity’s most successful and well known leaders, including the Rev. Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Dr. James Dobson, and the Rev. Jack Hayford, few names evoked such respect and admiration as Ted Engstrom. Rev. Hayford likens Engstrom’s influence on modern Christianity to that of Simon Peter in his day.

Known worldwide for his insightful wisdom and visionary business and managerial savvy, Engstrom was the quintessential mentor and businessman whose enduring legacy of leadership will continue to influence Christians for generations to come. His devotion to the evangelical movement is legendary and his wisdom and strategies for the practical application of Christian leadership helped guide the ministries of Youth for Christ, the Rev. Billy Graham, World Vision, and countless others to immeasurable success.

As a leader, preacher, and teacher, Engstrom devoted his life to teaching others how to live and lead wisely. His lifelong love of writing produced more than 50 books and hundreds of letters and other writings. THE ESSENTIAL ENGSTROM: Proven Principles of Leadership (Authentic 2007) is a collection of Ted Engstrom’s most valuable and important lessons. Editor Timothy J. Beals has married together the very best of Engstrom’s teachings into one powerful compendium that focuses on matters of character that shape and affect Christian leaders who serve in business or Christian ministry.

Topics taught in this anthology include:

  • Defining leadership and leadership style
  • Biblically influenced leadership
  • The importance of mistakes
  • Attitude is everything
  • The vital importance of excellence and integrity
  • Leaders as managers
  • Making critical choices
  • Leaders and their families

THE ESSENTIAL ENGSTROM also includes one of Ted Engstrom’s most profound and memorable writings --- THE FUTURE: A Scenario for the Twenty-First Century. Written more than 10 years before the turn of this century, this lesson takes a prophetic look at the issues that will confront leaders in this new millennium.

THE ESSENTIAL ENGSTROM: Proven Principles of Leadership’s 40 chapters bring into focus the convictions, experience, and wisdom of one of the greatest Christian leaders of our day. Its enduring lessons are a guide that makes it a must-have handbook for anyone searching for a path to success.

THE ESSENTIAL ENGSTROM © Copyright 2017 by Ted W. Engstrom, edited by Timothy J. Beals. Reprinted with permission by Authentic. All rights reserved.

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