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CHASING CHARITY:   Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 2 Cover Art

Books by
Marcia Gruver

Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 1

Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 2


Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 2

Marcia Gruver
Barbour Publishing, Inc
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781602602069

Read an Excerpt

Fuel your love of romance in this mesmerizing sequel to Marcia Gruver's DIAMOND DUO. In this second book of the Texas Fortunes series, Charity Bloom is left stranded at the altar after her best friend takes off with her fiancé. How will she ever show her face in town again? After Buddy Pierce discovers oil on the Bloom property, he realizes the real treasure may be above ground-in the form of Charity Bloom. Can he strike it rich in Charity? When her ex-fiance decides he wants her back, whom will Charity choose the handsome roughneck or the deceitful rogue?

CHASING CHARITY: Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 2 © Copyright 2017 by Marcia Gruver. Reprinted with permission by Barbour Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.

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