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DIAMOND   DUO: Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 1 Cover Art

Books by
Marcia Gruver

Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 1

Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 2


Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 1

Marcia Gruver
Barbour Publishing, Inc
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781602602052

Read an Excerpt

When Bertha Biddle meets an enigmatic charmer named Annie Monroe in 1877 Jefferson, Texas, she’s hoping to learn the art of how to woo a man. But just how far will she go to win her heart’s desire? Thaddeus Bloom is torn between meeting his father’s demands and declaring his love for Bertha. Which path will he choose? When faced with racial bigotry, Sarah King is in danger of losing respect for her husband and perhaps his love. Will she stand by her man? Or will a woman’s murder provoke a startling twist of all their fates?

DIAMOND DUO: Texas Fortunes Trilogy, Book 1 © Copyright 2017 by Marcia Gruver. Reprinted with permission by Barbour Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.

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