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THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE: Why Your Teen Is at Risk and What Only You Can Do About   It Cover Art

Books by
Jeffrey Dean

Why Your Teen Is at Risk and What Only You Can Do About It


THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE: Why Your Teen Is at Risk and What Only You Can Do About It
Jeffrey Dean
Multnomah Books
ISBN: 9781601421104

In the confusing and dangerous climate of today’s culture, war is the daily reality for every teen. This is a generation bombarded by lies, hungry for help, and desperate for truth. No matter what the situation looks like on the surface, every teen faces struggles, temptations, issues, fears, and challenges --- only one choice away from hurt, addiction, heartbreak, and more. Teenagers desperately need their parents to stand beside them in this war --- yet even though they live under the same roof, many parents are blind to the depths of the daily struggle.

In his new book, THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE, author and popular youth speaker Jeffrey Dean challenges and equips parents to embrace their God-given roles in the battle for their teens’ well-being --- and for their very souls. “I’m convinced that today’s Christian teens are desperate to stand for what is right. But many aren’t sure how to do so. That’s where you and I can help,” Dean says to parents. “We can’t sugarcoat what’s happening in your teen’s world. As a parent, you are engaged in one of the greatest fights of your life. It’s already on, whether you want it or not. The question isn’t, are you at war? The question is, are you equipped to do battle? God has called you to be a fighter --- and He has given you everything you need to fight and to win for your teen.”

For the past fifteen years, Dean has been touring the country speaking --- and, more importantly, listening --- to teens. Some three hundred fifty thousand teens a year check out his website, and more than fifty thousand read and respond to his blog. These teens often tell him things they don’t share with their parents. Now Dean is offering this inside information to parents --- not to betray the confidence of his teen base, but to help parents understand the dangers of teen culture and to arm them with biblical answers to today’s problems.

“It’s a different world out there from when you and I were teens, and that means we need to do some battle training,” Dean says. “THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE shows parents how they can join the fight on behalf of the teens in their charge --- not to render them helpless, but to strengthen them in their passage through the teen years.”

THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE speaks to any parent, whether their kids attend public schools or Christian schools or whether they seem to be making good choices or have already suffered some devastating wounds in the heat of battle. Dean teaches parents to study their teen’s culture so they can live with their eyes wide open, informed about specific issues that their teens are facing. Once they are aware of the stakes, he lays out a plan to teach teens discernment and to provide them with armor for fighting the battle and wings for rising above it. Dean’s approach is built on the foundation of prayer, and he includes several specific Scriptures for parents to pray over their teens.

Even as he speaks bluntly about what’s really going on out there --- from the new “cool homosexuality” and the rise of Wicca to the far-reaching effects of teen drug and alcohol use --- Dean’s tone remains hopeful and encouraging, and for good reason.

“Parents have been given the incredible privilege to encourage their teens to live wholeheartedly for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the fighter who is greater than anything this world can throw their way,” he declares. “We are not alone in this fight! Now is the time for parents to grab their weapons, jump into the battlefield on their teen’s side, and be ready to give it all they’ve got.”

THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE: Why Your Teen Is at Risk and What Only You Can Do About It © Copyright 2017 by Jeffrey Dean. Reprinted with permission by Multnomah Books. All rights reserved.

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