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EXPERIENCING THE SPIRIT:   The   Power of Pentecost Every Day Cover Art


EXPERIENCING THE SPIRIT: The Power of Pentecost Every Day
Henry and Melvin Blackaby
Multnomah Books
Christian Living/Spiritual Growth
ISBN: 9781590529119

What role does the Holy Spirit play in your life? How can you be more sensitive to the Spirit’s leading? What does the scripture reveal about the Spirit of God? These are all great questions, and ones that believers naturally grapple with as they grow in their relationship with God.

Henry Blackaby, author of the bestselling EXPERIENCING GOD, answers these and other great spiritual questions in his latest book. Written with his son, Melvin, EXPERIENCING THE SPIRIT invites readers on a journey to understand the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives in a profound and moving way.

The Blackabys begin by offering an accessible but solidly scriptural look at the Bible’s mentions and descriptions of the Holy Spirit --- explaining both who the Holy Spirit is and the misconceptions that people sometimes have of Him. In the process, the authors reveal how the Spirit’s presence in our lives is indispensable. We need the Spirit working in our lives if we are going to walk into all that God has called us to do and be.

Drawing from the rich theological background he established in EXPERIENCING GOD, Henry Blackaby explains how the Spirit helps raise our awareness of the personal assignments that God has for us. He shows how the Spirit illuminates those areas where God is already moving and we can come alongside His work.

One of the most interesting arguments that the Blackabys make is that while it’s important to pay attention to the natural gifts that you’ve been given, it’s essential not to depend wholly on them. At a time when everyone seems to be emphasizing discovering their strengths and gifts, the authors argue that trusting on your own gifts can be detrimental and short-circuit the work God wants to do in and through you. They believe that the Holy Spirit will often call people to things that they’re naturally not good at and place them in a position where they’re even more dependent on God to come through. The argument is presented in a scripturally-based, logical way that is worth considering and offers a healthy, balanced perspective to the issue.

The Blackabys write with steady hands both in their theological framework and their ability to communicate in an easy-to-read fashion. Readers who have been put off by overly-sensational writings about the Holy Spirit will be encouraged by the authors’ down-to-earth tone and approach. EXPERIENCING THE SPIRIT doesn’t include any fluff or emotionally driven stories. Rather, the Blackabys are clear that the Holy Spirit’s role is a powerful one --- empowering us to fulfill our purposes of glorifying God.

This book is highly recommended to anyone who has been through the classic EXPERIENCING GOD study or those who want a deeper understanding of the Spirit’s role in their life. It is great for personal reading, a morning devotional, a book club or a study group.

    --- Reviewed by Margaret Oines

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