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PRAYING   FOR YOUR PRODIGAL DAUGHTER: Hope, Help   & Encouragement for Hurting Parents Cover Art


PRAYING FOR YOUR PRODIGAL DAUGHTER: Hope, Help & Encouragement for Hurting Parents
Janet Thompson
Howard Books
ISBN: 9781416551867

Janet Thompson is an author and a speaker on topics of importance to Christian women. She has founded several ministries at her home church, Saddleback Church, where Rick Warren is the Pastor. Saddleback Church has produced many ministries under the leadership of Warren, and countless thousands have benefited from its practical, biblical teaching.

Thompson defines a prodigal daughter as “…those daughters who are killing themselves with their destructive choices, have run away from home, or remain missing. I could never describe every scenario each of you, as a parent of a prodigal daughter, has experienced. But one definition of a prodigal we all can agree on is that a prodigal is a daughter who is breaking the hearts of her parents…and of God.” In her book, there are stories by many different women who have lived through that heartbreak and are able to offer the benefit of their experiences to help others. Also included are comments from the daughters, revealing what they were thinking and feeling during and after their rebellion.

The story of the prodigal son is familiar to most people. The account in the Book of Luke is not specific about the length of time that the son was away, but it always seemed to me that he hit bottom quite quickly. He then returned to his patiently waiting father and found redemption. Anyone who has experienced a prodigal son or daughter would love to have such a quick resolution. Unfortunately, life usually demands years of patience and prayer with often less than the desired outcomes. In PRAYING FOR YOUR PRODIGAL DAUGHTER, Thompson gently guides the reader to follow the path she used to regain and restore her own child.

Section One consists of practical and spiritual advice on how to pray specifically and biblically. The author details the benefits of keeping a prayer journal and includes prompts for those who have never journaled. In addition, there are discussion questions to stimulate family understanding and support. Section Two contains chapters on praying with purpose, praying as a couple and as a family to break generation sin patterns. Subsequent sections include such chapters as “Setting Boundaries,” “Confronting Our Own Mistakes” and “Resolving Conflicts.” There is even a chapter that addresses a parent’s worst fear: “What if She Never Repents?”

Janet Thompson has written a handbook for hurting parents that can be used by believers and non-believers alike. The heartfelt desire to help and encourage is evident on every page and will benefit those who read it while they pray for their prodigal to return home.

    --- Reviewed by Maggie Harding, a substance abuse counselor in Phoenix, AZ who wanted to be Brenda Starr before life intervened. She reviews for, and To contact Maggie, e-mail

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