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SO LONG,   INSECURITY: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us Cover Art

Books by
Beth Moore

You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us

Straight Talk About God's Deliverance


SO LONG, INSECURITY: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us
Beth Moore
Thomas Nelson
Christian Life
ISBN: 9781414334721

Though we don’t always call it by name, we all struggle with it. Yes, it appears when we least expect it, making us look foolish, become hurtful, and holding us back from wholeness. What is it?


In SO LONG, INSECURITY, bestselling author and Bible teacher Beth Moore tackles the obvious and hidden insecurities we all face. Despite success, beauty and popularity, Moore admits that she has struggled with insecurity her whole life. She writes: “By the grace and power of God, I’ve had the exhilarating joy of winning many battles, some of them against no small foes. I’ve experienced dramatic victory over sexual sin, addiction, unhealthy relationships, and other equally fierce opponents. But I have not won this particular battle against the stronghold of insecurity. Yet. God help me, I’m going to. This one’s too sinister and deeply woven into the fabric of my female soul to deal with amid a bagful of other strongholds.”

Moore notes that it’s easy to look at someone else and think that they have it all, but no one has everything. Though they may have the huge house, beautiful body, or gorgeous husband, don’t be tricked. Everyone carries insecurities. She points out that insecurity affects all aspects of our lives. It shapes our expectations of love and relationships, and sets us on a course where disappointment of others and ourselves is inevitable. We find that insecurity comes from a variety of sources. Some of it is founded in childhood. Instability within the home, death of a loved one, rejection, physical challenges, and an unstable home life can find age-old insecurity gnawing at them. In addition, personal limitations and disposition as well as nicks in our ego can steer us toward insecurity.

How do we overcome chronic insecurity? In part, it’s found in laying hold of our dignity. We can also recognize the triggers of insecurity and choose whether or not we take the bait. Though we will face moments of getting hurt, being criticized, becoming embarrassed and feeling intimidated, we do not have to allow such moments to shake the security we have as children of God.

Throughout the book, Moore shares from her own struggles with personal stories and anecdotes. She also draws on women’s stories from different backgrounds and ages. As an added bonus, she spends some time surveying men about their insecurities. Longtime fans of Moore may be surprised that scripture is used sparingly throughout the book. While she definitely draws on Bible passages and stories, they aren’t as frequent as in her previously published works. In addition, the practical application material --- beyond a beautifully written prayer --- is thin, leaving some readers to wonder how they can keep saying goodbye to insecurity for the long haul.

Overall, SO LONG, INSECURITY is a much-needed resource for women and will be a source of encouragement to many. Highly recommended to fans of Beth Moore and women’s reading clubs.

   --- Reviewed by Margaret Oines

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