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THE   MAN WHISPERER: Speaking Your Man's Language to Bring Out His   Best Cover Art

Books by
Rick Johnson

BECOMING YOUR SPOUSE’S BETTER HALF: Why Differences Make a Marriage Great

Speaking Your Man's Language to Bring Out His Best

How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become Men of Character


THE MAN WHISPERER: Speaking Your Man's Language to Bring Out His Best
Rick Johnson
Marriage/Personal Growth
ISBN: 9780800731977

Rick Johnson, founder of Better Dads, a program designed to equip men to be more engaged in their children's lives, has written an excellent and timely text for women wanting to influence their men for good. THE MAN WHISPERER is a sometimes comical but always true to the Bible and applicable to real-life resource for women to study and then use. With wisdom and care, Johnson explains to women that their influence is like none other; they wield great power in either building up or destroying the men in their lives.

A married father of two children, Johnson tells his own story of being lovingly nudged along by his wife Suzanne long before he understood what leadership, let alone spiritual leadership, meant. He talks about growing up in an emotionally and physically dangerous environment, how Suzanne believed in him and what that meant to him personally. After coming to faith in Christ as an adult, Johnson himself experienced firsthand the real meaning of being influenced toward Godly manhood via his "man whisperer" wife.

Women will discover inspiration for loving their men to Christ and then applying Johnson's suggestions for best impacting their home and relationships with the behind-the-scenes strength that God intended. They will also come away understanding why men do what they do and how to love them despite the differences between the sexes. Johnson offers women real insight into men's thinking and psyche, thus enabling females to appreciate and value men in their uniqueness.

Chapter by chapter, Johnson delves into hot topics that always seem to get both sexes in an uproar, as well as those more mundane areas of day-to-day compatibility. He opens his text with a motivating discussion of how God values the influence of women in men's lives and desires that women see this task as the high calling it truly is. Once Johnson gets the women on board, he shares what authentic masculinity looks like; the nine qualities of good men; nine traits that hold men back; learning to speak your man's language; power tools for women; understanding how the first man in every woman's life affects her; why sex is not a good weapon; the top 10 things about men that drive women crazy; and how to effectively influence. With plenty of real-life examples, personal remembrances and humorous asides, Johnson most definitely has succeeded in producing a current yet timeless primer on becoming a "man whisperer."

Whether single, married or divorced, every woman will discover fresh insight into the hearts and minds of the men in their world. Perhaps most importantly, Johnson's work will spark women's desire to tear down the walls of disrespect and disregard that frequently stymie and derail so many male/female relationship dynamics.

    --- Reviewed by Michele Howe

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