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THE SEXUALLY CONFIDENT WIFE: Connecting with Your Husband in Mind Body Heart Spirit Cover Art

Shannon Ethridge Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- June 2005

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Shannon Ethridge

Connecting with Your Husband in Mind Body Heart Spirit

Recognizing God’s Passionate Pursuit of Us

Responding to God’s Transforming Grace

Loving Jesus Without Limits

Igniting the Joy and Passion You Both Desire



THE SEXUALLY CONFIDENT WIFE: Connecting with Your Husband in Mind Body Heart Spirit
Shannon Ethridge
Sexuality & Gender Studies
ISBN: 9780767926058

With the divorce rates within the church matching, or even in some places exceeding, those in the secular world, it is painfully clear that the way we have been doing marriage is simply not working. In response, many ministries are doling out truckloads of materials on topics like commitment, communication, love, and respect, and God-fearing wives are snapping them up. But what if the key to a fulfilling, life-giving marriage is waiting in the last place the church is looking? In her new book, THE SEXUALLY CONFIDENT WIFE: Connecting with Your Husband in Mind Body Heart Spirit, author Shannon Ethridge suggests that the wife who wants her marriage to last forever should learn to love her body, share it freely with her husband, and really enjoy SEX.

As the author of several bestselling books including EVERT WOMAN’S BATTLE and EVERY WOMAN’S MARRIAGE, Ethridge has already guided hundreds of thousands of grateful readers through the hidden sexual issues that women --- especially Christian women --- have been afraid to talk about. After twenty years of dealing with these women, she began asking God, “Why are some Christians so uptight about this gift that YOU have given us for our pleasure?” As she continued to seek God’s direction, she became convinced that women and marriages are suffering because of these sexual inhibitions, and not just women in the church. She wrote THE SEXUALLY CONFIDENT WIFE to help every woman get back on the right track toward genuine intimacy --- to connect with her husband physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, creating a powerful bond that fuels her deepest passions and satisfies her very soul.

From insecurities related to body image, the lingering effects of sexual abuse, and nagging guilt over pre-marital sexual activity to fear of intimacy and the all-too-common attitude that “sex is just for him, not for me,” Ethridge’s book deals unflinchingly with the most common hang-ups that hold women back in their sexual relationships with their husbands. “Women from all walks of life have been given such negative messages about their sexuality, and I want them to break that cycle. I feel God has called me to teach them how to be sexually confident wives, for that is truly His plan and desire for them.”

Women deserve to enjoy a passionate sexual relationship with their husbands without inhibition, awkwardness, guilt, or shame. THE SEXUALLY CONFIDENT WIFE will show them how to experience just that! How? By doing the following:

  • Opening the reader’s eyes to the wide variety of things that rob women of sexual confidence
  • Equipping her with the tools she needs to overcome sexual inhibitions and distractions
  • Encouraging women to embrace their sexuality and celebrate their sensuality, regardless of their age, size, or shape
  • Providing practical advice on how to maximize mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy
  • Exploring new ways to enhance pleasure for both the husband and wife
  • Helping moms instill sexual confidence and values in their daughters rather than remain silent as most of our moms did
Readers of this book will encounter real stories --- many from Ethridge’s own journey from sexually dysfunctional teen to sexually confident wife --- related in common language that may prove shocking at first but will serve as an invitation to overcome the “Church Lady Syndrome” and embrace a life-giving facet of themselves. The book combines the tenderness of INTENDED FOR PLEASURE with the informative nature of THE JOY OF SEX, complete with educational drawings of women with real bodies, not human Barbie dolls.

Ethridge feels strongly that every woman is a sexual being who has the right to enjoy the excitement, fulfillment, and physical pleasure of the marital sexual relationship, but many of us need some help finding the confidence to claim that right. “I chose to be so blunt and bold because sexuality IS God’s gift to us, and if Christians don’t have the right to talk openly and honestly about it, who does?” Ethridge says. “As Christians, we have let the world rob us of this gift and turn it into something we feel we need to be ashamed of. As I wrote this book, I made the conscious decision not to candy-coat anything to protect anyone’s comfort zone. Sexual confidence isn’t just for the supermodel or porn star. It is the birthright of every woman, and the deep desire of every husband for his wife.”

Because the issue of sexual confidence in marriage is universal to all women, Ethridge has been very careful not to draw the usual lines of “Christians vs. the ‘world.’” “We’re all women. We’re all sexual. We all struggle with sexual confidence at certain times for varying reasons. I want to unite women and give them power to reclaim their confidence.”

THE SEXUALLY CONFIDENT WIFE: Connecting with Your Husband in Mind Body Heart Spirit © Copyright 2017 by Shannon Ethridge. Reprinted with permission by Broadway. All rights reserved.

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