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MOMMY POWER:   Discovering Your Mommy Strength Cover Art


MOMMY POWER: Discovering Your Mommy Strength
Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman
ISBN: 9780446545402

Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman is the Director of Ministry and Mission at the Crystal Cathedral, co-hosts “Hour of Power,” and has worked in educational leadership and administration for over 10 years in both the public and private school settings. Coleman is also the mom of four young adult sons whom she had within a seven-year time span. She surely knows her way around children from both a mothering and professional perspective, and combines these two areas of experience (and a heart tender for kids and their moms) throughout this devotional.

Coleman opens her text with an essay on the myth (or possibility) of living as a super mom. Can it be done? Or can't it? Why? Or why not? In this self-exposing chapter, she describes her own life as a younger mom wrestling with personal expectations that were governed by her to-do list. She explains feeling quite a level of satisfaction after having checked off everything on her list. Feeling pretty good about herself, Coleman then recounts how quickly accidents can happen when there are kids around and how she felt after her young son had to be rushed to the ER after burning his hand on a hot muffler. No more "super mom" feelings here, Coleman shares how badly she felt for not getting to her son quickly enough.

After the incident, she gave some more thought to this whole notion of super mom anything and realized that, indeed, moms can be super moms. However, the definition is different from the woman who marks items off her to-do list at the speed of light. Rather, now Coleman defines being a super mom as one who is there for her children and loves them; it's a state of being, not a state of doing, and she relies on the strength of God to be a super-mommy being.

Other topics of interest include understanding what's behind the drive, or why moms push their kids so hard; learning to rest one day a week to keep mommy from becoming spiritually weak; the nuts and bolts of choreographing a successful balancing act; when there seems never to be enough time or money; how to tap into the Power transfusion of faith; what to do when mommy wants to run away from home; finding the strength to forgive and developing a prayer life that changes things (and mommies); when mommies are so stressed out, they need a time out; finding the strength to smile even when it's not funny; and taking the all-important one-a-day spiritual vitamins.

Readers will enjoy the numerous personal stories Coleman shares throughout the book about her family, her various professional responsibilities and how they affected her as a mom. Especially well done are the prayers she offers at the close of each chapter. Each one coincides with the topic chapter and ties in with a Bible verse in a quiet, understated way. A nice ending to a gentle invitation to mothering.

    --- Reviewed by Michele Howe, author of BURDENS DO A BODY GOOD and Single Parenting Columnist (

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