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Books by
Patricia H. Rushford and Harrison James

SECRETS, LIES & ALIBIS: The McAllister Files #1

TERMINAL 9: The McAllister Files #3

DYING TO KILL: An Angel Delaney Mystery


TERMINAL 9: The McAllister Files #3
Patricia H. Rushford and Harrison James
Integrity Publishers
ISBN: 1591452120

The McAllister Files have become a favorite of Christian mystery readers. In Book Three, TERMINAL 9, Mac McAllister has a new partner, Detective Dana Bennett, and a new puzzling murder investigation on his hands --- an elderly retired railroader hit by a train. But, was his death an accident? The strange investigation leads them on a trail of intrigue and possible terrorism. With twists and turns involving family members, lawyers and absolute strangers, Mac and Dana must dig deep to find answers. While Mac and Dana seek justice, they also seek answers in their personal struggles as they try to make sense of a world gone mad.

Copyright 2005 by Patricia H. Rushford and Harrison James. Reprinted with permission by Integrity Publishers. All rights reserved.

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