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D. James Kennedy


Books by
Jerry Newcombe



D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe
Multnomah Publishers
Christian Living
ISBN-10: 1590529693
ISBN-13: 9781590529690

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Of the many world religions, one stands out for its distinctive symbol of the cross and the amazing grace it embodies --- Christianity. Yet, sadly, some Christians continue to live out their faith-walks never fully comprehending the depth of God’s mercy. Now, a bold new devotional takes believers on a moving journey to the very core of their religion, revealing the crucifixion from the most significant and unique perspective of all --- God’s.

Written by bestselling author and speaker Dr. D. James Kennedy, with co-author Jerry Newcombe, CROSS PURPOSES serves up daily meditation on the passion of Christ and the relevant, life-giving implications Jesus’ death on the cross holds for modern day believers. Shedding light on the prophecy and knowledge of God and the overwhelming gift of grace that believers have received at Christ’s expense, CROSS PURPOSES offers a new view of the old rugged cross.

Written clearly and concisely so people of all backgrounds can wholly understand the costs, both physically and spiritually, of the cross, CROSS PURPOSES guides readers through easy-to-understand themes that outline the extraordinary intentions and benefits that come by virtue of the most momentous sacrifice in the history of man.

CROSS PURPOSES proves once and for all that there’s no other place than at the cross where God’s justice is satisfied, His love is manifested, our sins are forgiven, we gain free and full access to God, the devil and demons are overthrown and eternal life is given. This insightful new book will inject new life into your spiritual journey, sparking a revival of love for the One who cherished us enough to make the ultimate sacrifice.

CROSS PURPOSES Copyright 2017 by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe. Reprinted with permission by Multnomah Publishers. All rights reserved.

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