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Books by
Kenny Luck

Are You Ready to Accept God’s Power?

(About the book)

RISK: Are You Willing to Trust God with Everything?



EVERY YOUNG MAN, GOD'S MAN: Confident, Courageous, and Completely His (Every Man)
Kenny Luck and Stephen Arterburn with Mike Yorkey
WaterBrook Press
Christian Living
ISBN-10: 1578569834
ISBN-13: 9781578569830

Live life the way Jesus did. To the extreme.

You're probably asking yourself a lot of tough questions these days. Like:

  • Why is my faith keeping me from the fun everybody else is having?
  • Why do I think about sex so much?
  • Why should I obey God when nobody else seems to--even grownups?
  • Is doing this okay with God?
  • What do I really believe about God?
  • How far is too far?
  • Why does God expect so much of me?

If you want some solid answers to questions like these, EVERY YOUNG MAN, GOD'S MAN will take you straight to the heart of your frustrations and fears. And give you the truth you need to hold on to-truth that will drive you forward and give you hope.

By learning to go to the dark and difficult places in your heart, and standing up in God's power in all the battles you face, you will find yourself full of spiritual confidence and courage. You'll see how faith makes sense in the light of who God is and how much He cares about you. And the bottom line: You'll discover that it doesn't get any better than living as God's man-confident, courageous, and completely His.

Get ready for some gut-punching honesty and real-life stories about how to be God's man. Right now.

Copyright 2005 by Kenny Luck. Reprinted with permission by WaterBrook Press. All rights reserved.

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