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Books by
Dr. Robert Jeffress

Turning Your Messes into Successes

(About the Book)

Six Simple Strategies for Winning Your Greatest Battles

Getting a Grip on God's Amazing Gift

...and Other Outrageous Truths You Can Still Believe


Getting a Grip on God's Amazing Gift

Dr. Robert Jeffress
WaterBrook Press
Christian Living/Spiritual Growth
ISBN: 1578565219

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Are We Free to Walk on the Wild Side?

In his provocative new book, Dr. Robert Jeffress finds the balance of whether grace is our freedom to sin or our freedom to live

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX --- Grace. During recent years, the word has progressively become a part of every Christian's basic vocabulary. Phrases such as "living under grace" have also garnered increased popularity among believers. But how are the current teachings and practices of grace in the American church affecting individual lives? In GRACE GONE WILD!: Getting a Grip on God's Amazing Gift (WaterBrook Press, October 2005), Dr. Robert Jeffress takes a serious yet necessary look into what grace is --- and what it is not.

Abuses, exploitations, and misunderstandings of God's unfathomable gift continue today, just as they did in the early church almost two thousand years ago. Bob divorces his wife after falling in love with another woman and feels --- justified. Church leaders accuse their pastor of legalism after he admonishes his congregation about the importance of attendance and giving. Cindy feels guilty and "unforgiving" for asking her husband to end his affair or move out.

Ill-informed or just downright disobedient Christians often pervert God's undeserved gift of forgiveness, making it a license for immorality, self-indulgence, and minimal involvement in God's kingdom. And yet, by doing so, these believers rob themselves of the very power they need to protect their marriages, churches, and relationships from confusion and even abuse

In GRACE GONE WILD!, Dr. Jeffress echoes the voice of the Apostle Paul as he calls for a balance in the way the concept of grace is preached and applied within the Christian community. With wisdom based directly on the Word, he tackles difficult questions about grace, such as when a Christian should confront an offender and when he should simply forgive. Dr. Jeffress also teaches believers how to use the standard of grace in deciding whom to marry, when to divorce, and how to conduct church discipline

Stimulating his readers with humor and brutal honesty, Dr. Jeffress takes readers on a delicate exploration of God's grace that will eliminate doubt and confusion, as well as expose the overwhelming benefits and liberty He intended it to provide. In GRACE GONE WILD!, true seekers will joyously discover genuine freedom --- the freedom to obey!

Dr. Robert Jeffress is pastor of the 9,500-member First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, Texas, and the Bible teacher on the internationally
broadcast television program,
Pathway to Victory, seen on more than 1100 cable systems and television stations. << Read More

Copyright 2017 by Dr. Robert Jeffress. Reprinted with permission by WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

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