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Books by
Dr. Robert Jeffress

Turning Your Messes into Successes

(About the Book)

Six Simple Strategies for Winning Your Greatest Battles

Getting a Grip on God's Amazing Gift

...and Other Outrageous Truths You Can Still Believe


THE DIVINE DEFENSE: Six Simple Strategies for Winning Your Greatest Battles
Dr. Robert Jeffress
WaterBrook Press
Christian Living
ISBN: 1400070902

Today, many Christians are unaware of the meticulous plan that Satan, the prince of darkness, has crafted for their destruction. They assume that the conflicts they experience with others, the temptations that regularly assault them, the depression and illnesses that pull them down and the private doubts they harbor about God are all a natural part of life. As a result, they become “spiritual road kill.”

In his latest book, THE DIVINE DEFENSE, respected pastor and author Dr. Robert Jeffress exposes this deadly mistake by offering a much-needed perspective on the unseen battle that constantly rages in the spiritual world. While affirming the reality of Satan and his demons, Jeffress shuns sensationalistic practices and instead encourages readers to employ the proven defense God offers in Ephesians 6, which he breaks down into six simple strategies for success.

“THE DIVINE DEFENSE is written for those who may be unaware, or just wary, of the subject of spiritual warfare,” writes Jeffress in his opening chapter. “Although you believe in the reality of Satan and his plan to destroy you, you are not sure what --- if anything ---;you can do about it. And you sure don’t want to engage in anything weird like casting out demons from friends and family members.”

With biblical accuracy and passionate honesty, Jeffress calls readers to the realization that they have an enemy who is determined to deceive them about his power (or lack thereof), deprive them of their privileges as children of God, destroy their effectiveness as servants of God and deny them the rewards that God wants one day to bestow on them in heaven. He also answers many difficult questions not addressed in other books on spiritual warfare such as:

  • Can Christians be demon-possessed?
  • How do you differentiate between demonic oppression and mental illness?
  • Should Christians be involved in rebuking Satan or exorcising demons?
Using the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6, Jeffress explains six practical steps believers can use every day to defeat Satan’s vicious and destructive plan. Written in a highly readable style, HE DIVINE DEFENSE also includes a study guide, making it a great resource for both individual and small group studies. Together, these strategies form THE DIVINE DEFENSE that will help readers live victoriously in the unshakable power of God.

Copyright 2017 by Dr. Robert Jeffress. Reprinted with permission by WaterBrook Press, an imprint of Random House. All rights reserved.

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