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Advancing Christ's Kingdom

Kathleen G. Grant
Christian Living
ISBN: 0974968404

(Winner of the USA BOOK NEWS "Best Books 2004"
Award for best book in religion.)

In PRAYING IN THE WORD OF GOD: Advancing Christ's Kingdom, by Kathleen G. Grant explains not only the importance of prayer, but also the methods one should use in order to pray according to God's will. Grant shows us how, through the use of scriptures during prayer, we can be drawn closer to the Lord.

The main emphasis throughout all of Grant's teaching is how many aspects of our lives prayer affects, and how many people are changed by it. As we use her method of praise, confession, and prayer, our hearts will open to unknown needs within ourselves and a passion for the broken spirits of others around the world.

This book offers a gift to those not familiar with Scripture, those not comfortable with prayer, or those searching for the time to pray effectively. It provides us with a time-efficient system of prayer to get the most out of our time with God, without losing the meaning. Each part of this prayer program is explained with clarity and easy-to-follow instructions. Grant makes it personal by allowing room for our own thoughts, objectives and concerns. She also brings the world to our doorstep. She not only shows us how to pray for other nations, she also produces a picture of those nations through the use of maps and charts.

I now find myself in an unusual place as a result of reading this book. I can no longer use the excuse, "I don't know how to pray," or "There is not enough time to pray." I have been shown how to pray and that it takes very little time. She has given us a reason to pray and has shown us the way. I would encourage you to use this book, not only to enhance your own prayer life, but also as a tool for impacting the world.

-Jennifer L. Hess, Christian Book   

Copyright 2004 by Kathleen G. Grant. Reprinted with permission by FaithWorks. All rights reserved.

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