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HOME ON TIME: Life Management by the Book
Ryan Rush
21st Century Press
ISBN: 0972889906

With the time pressures and distractions facing our families today, it's more critical than ever to find ways to bring balance to the home front. HOME ON TIME: Life Management by the Book reveals four secrets of time management found in the Ninetieth Psalm that can help you take control of your life and your home. This simple guidebook provides insight and tips on…

  • How to respond to the out-of-control aspects of life that tend to overwhelm you.

  • How to set attainable goals for your life and your family.

  • How to implement a workable planning system into your life, and coordinate that schedule with al family members.

  • How to establish positive habits and move you toward success in your home life!

EXTRA BONUS SECTION! THE FIRST FORTY DAYS, a six-week tour guide that's full of tips for getting started and action checklists to keep you moving toward success.

Copyright 2004 by Ryan Rush. Reprinted with permission by 21st Century Press. All rights reserved.

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