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Books by
D. Ross Campbell, M.D., with Robb Suggs




Ross Campbell, M.D., with Bob Suggs
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN-10: 0849945437
ISBN-13: 9780849945434

They’re called Twentysomethings, Generation Y, the Boomerang Nation. But no matter what name you use, this generation presents a unique set of parenting challenges. Clinical psychiatrist Ross Campbell offers practical insight on how you can assist your twentysomething adult child to keep moving in a positive direction.

According to his brief bio, Dr. Ross Campbell has spent more than 30 years as a clinical psychiatrist, concentrating on the parent-child relationship. He has counseled thousands of parents throughout his extensive career, and today writes and lectures on parenting topics. This ambitious book demonstrates the importance of hope and persistence when dealing with children of any age.

Having worked with adolescents myself during the past 20 years in both residential treatment centers and juvenile correction facilities, and having raised four kids, I was not surprised by the title of this book. It seems that although our children are growing up more quickly, they are maturing more slowly. At age 20 many of them still have no goals, expect regular care and feeding, and often treat responsibilities as options. But all is not lost.

Although popular knowledge tells us that our personalities are pretty well established by the time we’re eight years old, and anyone who has raised a teenager will gladly verify that, it seems like a hopeless task to try to effect change in a twentysomething. Yet Dr. Campbell offers hope and practical suggestions to accomplish just that. Through his years of experience as a counselor and his faith in the changing power of God, he presents the parents of today’s post-teens with some tools that are worth buying.

The chapters are introduced with a “Generational Profile” that describes the unique nature of those in their twenties today. He also establishes the need for biblical wisdom in dealing with the unique problems that we face. Dr. Campbell moves on through “Basics” and what to do “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.” He details the theory of the “Quarterlife Crisis” and reviews the importance of knowing how to make sound financial decisions. One chapter deals with “Dating and Relating” and another explores “Waiting for the Future.” In his clear and concise way, Dr. Campbell educates and enlightens those who are at a loss about how to help their adult children.

Further, the author details many of the phenomenon of the last half-century that have led to these problems and have made it so difficult for our twentysomethings to move forward. He takes the reader back to basics and offers suggestions on how a parent can fill in the blanks that they may not have even been aware were important when their children were younger. In the process, parents can improve their own mental, physical and spiritual attitudes as well as provide a new legacy for their families.

In addition to the wealth of information presented in this compact paperback, Dr. Campbell provides a Study Guide at the end that can be used for personal growth as a parent, in a group setting or with your spouse. What this does is strengthen communication skills and allows parents to examine their own responsibilities without feeling condemned or convicted about past shortcomings. Change is possible at any age, and this book will encourage those who want to help bring about some positive ones.

   --- Reviewed by Maggie Harding, a substance abuse counselor in Phoenix, AZ who wanted to be Brenda Starr before life intervened. She reviews for and To contact Maggie, e-mail

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