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Kathleen Morgan Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- April 2005

Books by
Kathleen Morgan

Heart of the Rockies

A Culdee Creek Christmas


These Highland Hills
Book Two

These Highland Hills
Book Three

Guardians of Gadiel Series
Book One

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Heart of the Rockies


GIVER OF ROSES: Guardians of Gadiel Series, Book One
Kathleen Morgan
ISBN: 0800730941

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When great faith and epic conflict meet, new destinies are born

Vartan, Crown Prince of Astara, faces an invincible adversary and heartbreaking despair as he strives to protect the land of Gadiel from the enemy who would destroy his people and lay siege to their souls. Wounded, blinded, and betrayed in battle, Vartan realizes his true battle has just begun. Danae, a captive Hylean girl who saves his life, holds the key to crushing their relentless enemy. Yet only when they join forces can they summon the courage-and enduring love-to achieve a purpose greater than either has ever imagined. Together, as they face the desert folk, dragonmaids, and many physical and spiritual trials, they learn to understand truth and treachery-and to rely on God alone to help them save Gadiel.

GIVER OF ROSES is an enchanting tale of a good man called to a heroic destiny, a woman whose life entwines with his, and a land teetering on the brink of an evil conquest. Only a holy quest can save them.

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Critical Praise

"An epic is born! Kathleen Morgan writes high fantasy in the grand tradition of Anne McCaffrey and Katherine Kurtz, yet her writing sparkles with energy and originality. She's invented a strange, exotic world that never was, but should have been and a tale rich in plot twists, romance, clashing swords, fantastic creatures, and compelling themes of faith and redemption. You won't want the adventure to end!"
—Jim Denney, author, the Timebenders series

"With a master touch Kathleen Morgan's exquisite details build a world where characters live and breathe their faith in action. Pitting the forces of evil against good, GIVER OF ROSES tells a spell-binding tale that captivates the imagination and leaves us cheering, yet aching to know their god--our God--more deeply."
—Lois Richer, author, SHADOWED SECRETS

"A fabulous read! Kathleen Morgan is a fresh and gifted voice in fantasy. Her prose is lyrical, her world imaginative, and her intrigues compelling. The characters may live in a fantastical world but their spiritual struggles are realistic and beautifully written. GIVER OF ROSES is a delight and wonder. I can't wait for book 2."
—Kathryn Mackel, author, OUTRIDERS: The Birthright Project

"GIVER OF ROSES is a sweeping saga of loyalty and betrayal, heroism and cowardice, love and hatred. From the very first page, I was drawn to the land of Gadiel, of epic battles, of old alliances, of new loves, and blue roses. Danae's dauntless spirit and Vartan's brooding yet earnest spirit brought tears to my eyes. The poetic tenor of GIVER OF ROSES echoed with strains of Tolkien. I will be reading many more titles by this gifted author."
—Traci DePree, author, APRONS ON A CLOTHESLINE

"GIVER OF ROSES is a story where the imaginary world is so real the reader forgets the saga is the product of someone's imagination and believes the history of the country. Bravo! Bring us more of the land of Gadiel."
—Donita K. Paul, author, DRAGONSPELL

"Kathleen Morgan has mastered the art of making the imaginary believable! In a story as old as time, Morgan weaves a fresh tale of love, honor, and faith that captures the reader's heart, mind, and soul!"
—Linda Wichman, author, LEGEND OF THE EMERALD ROSE

"GIVER OF ROSES held me in thrall from the first page. Kathleen Morgan has woven breath-stealing suspense with spiritual journey to create a richly textured tale of good versus evil, growth of the soul, and enduring love. I couldn't put it down, and I can't wait for the sequel."
—Janelle Clare Schneider, author

"Morgan's return to her fantasy roots will be welcomed. Her style continues to improve with every book."
—Amanda Killgore, Huntress Reviews

Copyright 2005 by Kathleen Morgan. Reprinted with permission by Revell, division of Baker Publishing Group. All rights reserved.

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