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Books by
Donna Partow

LET YOUR LIFE COUNT: Make a Difference Right Where You Are



New Direction for Life's Dramas

Donna Partow
Christian Living
ISBN: 0800730712

Donna Partow, the funny, self-condescending speaker/author whose humorous self-deprecating style is similar to that of fellow Christian comedian Chonda Pierce, writes with honesty and disarming charm about her tendency to star as the drama queen in her own life. SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE is Partow's calling card as she details how in the not-too-distant past she used to think that her problems were driving her crazy and then realized it was her craziness that was creating the problems. She cites her three favorites pastimes as "Thinking how awful my life was. Telling everyone who got within a mile of me how awful my life had been and wondering why I didn't have any friends."

Eventually, Partow came to realize how vital a proper perspective is to a healthy life. Says Partow, "Our best hope for a brighter future is in learning how to turn our melodramas into 'mellow dramas.'" It is on this premise that Partow speaks with personal conviction as she endeavors to steer other self-proclaimed dramatists to a biblical and more balanced mindset.

Partow discusses a diverse selection of topics in this twelve-chapter text. Female readers will identify with this author's take on marriage issues, financial challenges, disappointments with church (and its members), emotional struggles, the frustrations of parenting, derailed dreams, and lingering childhood issues. Each chapter combines the practical with the poignant, and Partow also includes some thoughtful end-of-book questions so that readers can take the next step in introspectively dealing with these life issues, either singly or in a group setting.

One of the opening chapters deals with what the author says is a common problem amongst churchgoers. It is titled, "The Porcupine State of Mind." This prickly personality is typecast as one suffering from a persistent, know-it-all, fix-it attitude. Partow defines this theoretical person as one who has lots of good points though no one wants to be around her. A porcupine woman knows she is right --- she can straighten out the people in her life, her workplace, her church, her world. To determine if one is a porcupine individual, Partow purports that said individuals frequently deliver silent sermons to everyone, from the store clerk to their pastor. Other key indictors include thinking you are the best neighbor, yet the neighbors never invite you over, or perhaps you single-handedly run your place of business but repeatedly get passed over for a promotion. Even though you've devoted your life to your children, they never come around anymore.

Partow then shares ample biblical principles for overcoming such an abrasive mindset by focusing on responding positively and with biblical love in all situations. Not an easy change of pace, yet essential for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Throughout the text, Partow reveals her struggles sincerely and with frank transparency. It is this trait that will further endear her to Christians who struggle to gain and maintain an overall balanced mindset. This resource is best digested slowly and with a leaning toward addressing the inside so as to affect an outward biblical reflection.

   --- Reviewed by Michele Howe

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