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Patti Hill Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- August 2005

Books by
Patti Hill

ALWAYS GREEN (Garden Gates, Book 2)


ALWAYS GREEN (Garden Gates, Book 2)
Patti Hill
Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 0764229389

Critical Praise
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When the growing gets tough . . .

Mibby Garrett could really use three things: a book that will tell her how to get through to her teenage son; enough money to pay for the new water heater; and a long, gentle rainstorm to nourish her clients' gardens, end the summer drought, and save her garden-design business.

A week's supply of Sweet Suzy Strawberry Cream Balls would be nice, too. Romance, maybe --- but only if the man is at least as reliable as her black Lab and prepared to be an awesome role model for her son.

Most of all, she'd just like a few days with no surprises. She sure hasn't asked for what happens instead . . .

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Critical Praise

"Patti Hill is an amazing artist, painting word pictures with her watercolor pen as she writes her fabulous novels."
Romance Junkies

"The characters...are delightfully and truthfully drawn...lyrical...a wonderfully absorbing story... an exceptional, fun-to-read novel. Five Stars"
Love Romances

"This is a gentle and poignant story of a woman's struggles and her determination, strength and faith in facing head on everything the world throws at her. The characters are inviting and the plot is satisfying. It will draw you in, make you root for Mibby and then celebrate the successes."
—Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews

"Filled with larger than life characters that the reader will truely be able to connect to and care about."
Inspirational Romance Writers

Copyright 2005 by Patti Hill. Reprinted with permission by Bethany House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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