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(Pine Ridge Portraits, Book Two)

Stephanie Grace Whitson
Bethany House
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0764227866

Read an Excerpt

The Sequel to the Bestselling SECRETS ON THE WIND

The Paid of Her Past Wasn't Something
She Could Easily Leave Behind

Charlotte Valentine Bishop expected to find peace and refuge at Fort Robinson. Instead. . .

. . .Others are depending on her to be strong in situations she had never wanted to face again.

. . .Events threaten her dreams of a normal life for her only child.

. . .Emotions she thought long dead are rekindled by an old friend in uniform.

As troubles swirl around her and fears rage within, hope --- if it to arrive at all --- will have to come from the unlikeliest of people.

Copyright 2004 by Stephanie Grace Whitson. Reprinted with permission by Bethany House. All rights reserved.

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