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Jack Cavanaugh Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- May 2006

Books by
Jack Cavanaugh


with Jerry Kuiper



ABOVE ALL EARTHLY POWERS (Songs in the Night #3)
Jack Cavanaugh
Bethany House Publishers
Historical Fiction
ISBN: 0764223097

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Critical Praise

Dramatic Conclusion to this Award-Winning
Saga from Jack Cavanaugh

Master storyteller Jack Cavanaugh brings the absorbing saga of surviving Hitler's Germany full circle in this culminating episode of the SONGS IN THE NIGHT series.

Following World War II, little has changed in Berlin. The swastika has been replaced by the hammer and sickle, but a life of daily oppression and fear remains. Inspired by the vision of Pastor Josef Schumacher, rescuers and survivors of one of the Nazis' heinous extermination facilities now risk their lives to complete what Josef began decades before.

Betrayed by American military forces, hunted by Stasi secret police, and blackmailed by one of their own, Mady Schumacher and Colonel Matthew Parker, form a contentious coalition whose sole purpose, freedom for those society disregads, seems like a fool's errand.

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Critical Praise

"SONGS IN THE NIGHT is the best WWII Christian fiction that I've ever read. Highly Recommended."
--- Christian Fiction Review

"Even though ABOVE ALL EARTHLY POWERS is book three in the SONGS IN THE NIGHT series, it easily stands alone. Readers might want to pick up the first two books WHILE MORTALS SLEEP and HIS WATCHFUL EYE just to find out what happened prior to this story, though. While the Berlin Wall was in existence since before I was born, I do remember the day it came down. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, they have a portion of the wall on display, and it was awesome to be able to touch a huge piece of history like that. Having experienced the sheer magnitude of the 'small piece' of the wall that the museum had, it had to be a daunting job to dream up escape attempts and then try to carry them out with armed guards ready to shoot without warning. ABOVE ALL EARTHLY POWERS is a book for the keeper shelf."
--- Road to Romance

"The first two books in the SONGS IN THE NIGHT series won Christy awards.  This third tale is suspenseful and the author has done an amazing job with plot and setting."
--- Romantic Times

"Suspenseful and engaging, this book will be sure to open the eyes of its readers to the oppression and horrors the East Germans experienced under the Communist rule after World War II. The courage some had trying to escape from the tyrannical rule of their oppressors has been brought front and center through this book. Mr. Cavanaugh has done an excellent job with a very difficult subject and I, for one, am greatly impressed."
--- Romance Junkies

Copyright 2004 by Jack Cavanaugh. Reprinted with permission by Bethany House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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