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Critical Praise

Books by
Tim Smith

52 FAMILY IDEAS: Draw Closer to Your Kids as you Draw Your Kids Closer to God

CONNECTING WITH YOUR KIDS: How Fast Families Can Move From Chaos to Closeness


CONNECTING WITH YOUR KIDS: How Fast Families Can Move From Chaos to Closeness
Timothy Smith
Bethany House Publishers
Family & Relationships/Parenting
ISBN: 076420131X

Critical Praise
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Timothy Smith challenges life's frantic pace and offers helpful solutions to developing the perfect pulse for individual families. As families become increasingly busier, the stress puts a strain on relationships. But some active families have discovered a rhythmic pace, a heartbeat that works for them. CONNECTING WITH YOUR KIDS is a stethoscope to listen to each individual's pulse and develop a cadence as a family benefiting everyone.

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Critical Praise

"Tim Smith has done a wonderful job of giving us extra-busy types a great many on-target insights that donít make a person feel worthless for living a busy life....[This book] is a must if you want to move from all the rush to genuine closeness, caring, and rest....Iíve known Tim Smith for years; he has worked and ministered to people who live in the absolute epicenter of what it means to be busy. His insights have helped hundreds of families in the incredibly fast-paced, high-tech world of some of the worldís most valued real estate in Southern California. If he can help these cyber-speed families, then whether you live in Manhattan or Missoula, he can help your family as well."
—From the Foreword by John Trent, Ph.D., President,

"Tim Smith clearly helps us understand that children and youth regard our very presence as sign of caring and connectedness. This book is so practical that you will receive a 'parenting nugget' on every page."
—Jim Burns Ph.D., President, HomeWord

"No fewer than 8 in 10 Americans say they experience stress on a regular basis. This chronic condition of the populace, writes Tim Smith, is taking a serious toll on children and their family life. The author, a youth pastor and family coach, has written a book that is must reading for parents and prospective parents. It offers concrete steps that can be taken to develop the right cadence or pace for family life. His book is a persistent reminder to well-intentioned but sometimes harried and over-committed parents that 'you are what your family wants.'"
—George Gallup, Jr., Chairman, the George H. Gallup International Institute

"The hurried lives we live rob families of the one thing that Jesus longed for us to have on a regular basis: rest --- and the joy that a well-paced family is supposed to gain from it. In Connecting With Your Kids, Tim Smith shows you the power of tempo when it comes to deeper and more satisfying relationships. Itís a primer for how to slow down, savor the moments, while still getting ahead."

"CONNECTING WITH YOUR KIDS is engaging, practical, and insightful. I highly recommend it. Tim Smith has done it again. Home run!"
—Dr. David Olshine, Director of Student Ministries, Columbia International University

© Copyright 2017 by Timothy Smith. Reprinted with permission by Bethany House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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