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Beverly Lewis Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- November 2003

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Beverly Lewis

(The Courtship of Nellie Fisher, Book 1)

(The Courtship of Nellie Fisher, Book 2)

(Annie's People #1)

(Annie's People #2)

(Abram's Daughters, Book 2)

(Abram's Daughters, Book 5)

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(Annie's People #1)

(Abram's Daughters, Book 5)


Beverly Lewis
Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 0764201050

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THE PREACHER'S DAUGHTER isthe first in a captivating new series, ANNIE'S PEOPLE, and introduces an Amish community in Paradise, Pennsylvania--a heavenly-sounding place, but one that has seen its share of heartache and mystery. A moving story of friendship, secrets, and love.

Annie Zook, the only daughter of an Old Order Amish preacher, wants to please her parents and her Plain community, but a hidden passion stands in the way. Creating art is strictly forbidden by Annie's church district. Her secret has already cost her the affection of handsome Rudy Esh. She must choose between her art andher People--the only life she knows.

Louisa Stratford, Annie's longtime pen pal, is a modern Denverite who shares Annie's love of art. When Louisa escapes her own problems to go to Paradise for a taste of the simple life, will she nudge Annie closer to all she has known and loved....or tempt Annie to pursue her own dreams?

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Critical Praise

"One of Christian fiction's most beloved authors of the gentle read offers a new series called ANNIE'S PEOPLE, set in Paradise, PA. It dishes up the same sort of faith-filled story line and Plain People characters Lewis's fans have come to expect. At age 20, Annie Zook is a budding artist, but her conservative Amish community forbids its members to draw or paint pictures. How will she choose between family and vocation? The disappearance of a small child years ago has left scars on various characters, and new developments in the case threaten to open old wounds. Annie's best friend in the community, Esther Hochstetler, finds that her marriage to an abusive man has become a nightmare, while Annie's pen pal, the wealthy Colorado "Englisher" Louisa Stratford (conveniently an art teacher) visits Annie in Paradise to heal from a broken engagement. Both women explore the possibilities of change. Romance... is always waiting in the wings, especially in the character of handsome "Englisher" Ben Martin. Culinary details, glimpses into the workings of Amish life and strong character development help readers stay with the story's multiple changes of perspective. Plot hints in the final pages will keep Lewis's loyal fans eagerly anticipating the next installment."
Publishers Weekly

"This was an amazing read. Louisa and Annie were truly wonderfully drawn characters that the reader will care about. Although their storyline is the main one throughout the read, Ms. Lewis does introduce the tough subject of spousal abuse and the Amish way of dealing with this topic. This secondary storyline is very important to the storyline between Louisa and Annie. Ms. Lewis brings to life the Amish world. This first book in the ANNIE'S PEOPLE series is a wonderful introduction to this wonderful community..."
Inspirational Romance Writers

"Now this is a beautiful story.... The tale gently picks you up and takes you on a tender journey of faith and love, and then to crisis moments involving horribly difficult decisions. The reader really feels for the heroine. This is the first time I've read a Beverly Lewis book. Now I see what all the fuss is about. The end of the story gave me Goosebumps!""
—Cynthia Whitten, Romance Reader at Heart

"Beverly Lewis does a skillful and well-crafted job in bringing Annie's Amish community of Paradise to life. This is a very enjoyable read with well-drawn characters, an underlying intriguing mystery and moral dilemmas. At the end of the book, I just wanted to pick up another, so I was thrilled to learn that this is to be the first in a series."
—Audrey Lawrence, The Romance Studio

Copyright 2017 by Beverly Lewis. Reprinted with permission by Bethany House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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