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IT'S MORE THAN THE MUSIC: Life Lessons for Loving God, Loving Each Other
Bill Gaither and Ken Abraham
Warner Faith
Christian Life
ISBN: 0446530417

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"It became obvious after about ten minutes that this was not going to be an ordinary recording. Everyone could sense the Spirit of God was in that studio."
-Bill Gaither


When Bill Gaither assembled a group of all-time great Christian singers to record a song for the Gaither Vocal Band's 1991 album, Homecoming, he knew that the occasion would be special. Soon, however, he realized that something extraordinary was happening. Moved by joy, these accomplished and devout musicians transcended the limits of rhythm and harmony to create something more than the music-a pure, undiluted expression of their love for God and each other.

In IT'S MORE THAN THE MUSIC, gospel music's most beloved artist and songwriter tells the inspiring story of the Homecoming video series and more. He tells how, as a college student, his efforts to become a gospel singer met with frustration. And he recalls his days as a high-school English teacher, when his dream would not die and his faith in God gave him the strength to keep trying.

From his early songwriting triumphs and performances in small churches to his recent concerts in sold-out arenas, Bill's career took on a momentum of its own. But it wasn't always easy to live in the public eye. Stresses, struggles, and family tragedies taught Bill valuable lessons about loving God, helping others, and always remembering that only God's blessing made his success possible.

Complete with sixteen pages of photos from Bill's life and career, IT'S MORE THAN THE MUSIC is more than a memoir. It is a gentle, loving reminder of what matters most. The lessons Bill Gaither imparts will help you meet the practical demands of everyday life while never losing sight of the eternal light of God's truth.

Copyright 2003 by Bill Gaither. Reprinted with permission by Warner Faith, an imprint of Time Warner Bookmark. All rights reserved.

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