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Lurlene McDaniel
Delacorte Press
ISBN: 0385731574

Read an Excerpt

Things are heating up in the second book in Lurlene McDaniel's "Angels in Pink" trilogy. When RAINA'S STORY opens, Raina St. James and her two best friends, Holly Harrison and Kathleen McKensie, are starting their junior year of high school. It's an eventful year filled with surprises for Raina, and she needs the support of her pals more than ever.

A middle school boyfriend arrives back in town after having moved away for several years, and he's intent on causing trouble for Raina. The secret he reveals about her leads her boyfriend, Hunter, to question their relationship. Hunter's strong faith and Raina's lack of religious beliefs have always been a source of tension in their relationship, and he begins to think it might jeopardize their future as a couple. Then Hunter unexpectedly leaves high school midway through the year for early enrollment in college, and the only thing that lifts Raina from her loneliness is her volunteer work at Tampa's Parker-Sloan General Hospital.

Raina, who persuaded Kathleen and Holly to join the Pink Angels volunteer program the previous summer, is pleased that they've decided to continue through the school year. And as it did for Kathleen in the first book in the trilogy, KATHLEEN'S STORY, it's the volunteer program that indirectly brings about a major change in Raina's life. Inspired by a young cancer patient, all three girls had signed up to become bone marrow donors. Not only does Raina find out that she's a match for a 26-year-old woman in Virginia but that their DNA is strikingly similar --- for a reason. This revelation leads to others as Raina's mother finally tells her the truth about her family history.

You'll enjoy spending time with Raina, Kathleen, and Holly as they encounter new challenges with family, romance, school, and their volunteer work. It all leads up to Raina's brave and inspiring decision, and once again it's the trio's unwavering friendship that helps her make it through tough times. This is definitely Raina's story, but there is plenty of character development for her two best friends as well. There is also an intriguing build-up to HOLLY'S STORY, the final book in the trilogy.

   --- Reviewed by Shannon McKenna

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