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Hannah Alexander Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- November 2003

Books by
Hannah Alexander


HIDEAWAY: Hideaway Series, Book One

SAFE HAVEN: Hideaway Series, Book Two

LAST RESORT: Hideaway Series, Book Three

NOTE OF PERIL: A Hideaway Novel


LAST RESORT: Hideaway Series, Book Three
Hannah Alexander
Steeple Hill
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 0373785402

Hannah Alexander (the husband and wife writing team of Dr. Mel and Cheryl Hodde) has written another exciting episode in the Hideaway series. Hideaway is a small town in the Ozarks peopled by families who have lived and worked there for generations. The Cooper family has been prominent in Hideaway history and has weathered more tragedies than one would expect in such a peaceful, bucolic setting.

When Carissa Cooper was six years old, her mother left and was replaced by monsters that hid under her bed and in her closet, terrorizing her every night. But her loving father Cecil, caring stepmother Melva and nearby extended family helped her, and now, at age twelve, she is a fairly well-adjusted young lady. However, when she decides to do a school project involving her family's history, she unwittingly stirs up long hidden secrets that have been haunting the Coopers for many years --- secrets so powerful that Carissa is abducted and nearly killed in an effort to keep them from being exposed.

Her cousin Noelle, who has the gift of premonition, senses something is wrong and races to Cedar Hollow from her home in Springfield. There she runs into her childhood friend Nathan Trask, who has been praying for her to return home so they could renew their once precious friendship. He becomes her ally as they seek to unravel not only the mystery of Carissa's abduction but also of the secrets that threaten the lives of the entire Cooper family.

However, evidence points to the fact that the very family that is in danger also harbors the one who is guilty of past crimes as well as the current abduction. None is above suspicion, including Carissa's brother Justin, her cousin Jill, and even her great-aunt Pearl. Has the family history of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) transformed somehow from a neurosis to a psychosis?

With Nathan's help, Noelle begins to renew the faith of her childhood and learn to accept the gift she has instead of fearing it. Through their efforts the family learns to deal with "Cooper's Curse" and to rely upon God instead of their own feeble attempts to keep the truth hidden out of fear. As LAST RESORT unfolds, redemption comes in many forms to those who learn to embrace the love and grace of God. This is a well-written story with some breath-holding rescue scenes, and a tender love story thrown in at no extra charge!

   --- Reviewed by Maggie Harding, a substance abuse counselor who works in Phoenix, Arizona. She wanted to be Brenda Starr before life intervened and has always been an avid reader and widely unpublished writer. Contact Maggie at

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