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Today's Devotional:

"Stop. Be still. God is trying to get your attention. He is waiting for you to come to him in prayer, calling you to put down all your best efforts and face the truth before him."
(p. 170)

Previous Devotionals for June:

June 30th
"Stop. Be still. God is trying to get your attention. He is waiting for you to come to him in prayer, calling you to put down all your best efforts and face the truth before him."
(p. 170)

June 29th
"This is a message that we need now as individuals and as a nation. God has not abandoned our country and he will not abandon his people. Even at the bottom, he is there. He sees our grief and he hears our prayers. He will lift us out of the pit of our trouble and set our feet on the rock of Jesus Christ."
(p. 166)

June 28th
"On my knees before my Father in heaven I ask that I may have only one dimension to my personality-only one me. That whether I am at home with my family or with a group of women to whom I am ministering, I may walk a blameless path."
(p. 164)

June 27th
"Jesus really does long for us to pray a prayer of surrender. He wants to get his hands on the handlebars of our lives, to chart each course and direct each path. And until we let him, we will not know the complete joy of the adventure."
— (p. 161)

June 26th
"I believe that as we observe the Lord's habitual dependence on his Father as revealed in Scripture, his daily reliance on prayer, we will find a growing hunger in ourselves for a deeper relationship with God in our own spirits."
(p. 158)

June 25th
"Someday we'll look down from heaven at the lives we've chosen to lead. We'll see that everything was a choice between the enemy's distraction and destruction and the joy of a prayer-filled life in Christ. I choose joy!"
(p. 151)

June 24th
"A joyful, abundant, and prayerful life will not happen automatically. We must choose it for ourselves. How do we go about choosing such a life? We could, perhaps, choose to celebrate one thing every day: large or small, outlandish or ordinary."
(p. 150)

June 23rd
"I don't know what your inner music is. It may be a warm apple pie shared with a neighbor, coaching a neighborhood basketball team, or letters written to shut-ins. I do know that every gift we offer in love is like a prayer. Every gift we send out into the world is music to our Father's ears."
(p. 128)

June 22nd
"Though I am only one small person on one small planet in one small solar system, I am not a speck to my Father. I am his daughter. He knows more than my DNA, more than my fingerprints, more than my family background. He knows me."
(p. 126)

June 21st
"Coming before God honestly in prayer is the first step in allowing him to change us. The confession of any wrong attitudes (anger or jealousy, covetousness or pride) is next. By asking him to shine the light of his holiness into the veiled places in our hearts, revealing to us what needs to be changed, we can begin again to reflect his glory."
(p. 121)

June 20th
"The Bible invites any of us who lack faith to pray in the words of the father who doubted: "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief." This is a prayer that God delights to answer. Faith is a gift that he delights to give."
(p. 116)

June 19th
"Don't be fooled. Everyone doubts at times, and the faith we need we cannot drum up with our own fleshly efforts. Faith is a gift and God alone is the giver of the gift."
(p. 115)

June 18th
"But when we are at our lowest, we discover that the God of all grace is on our side. He who has called us to his eternal glory in his Son Jesus Christ has made it clear that our suffering in the spiritual battle will not go on forever and it will not be in vain."
(p. 111)

June 17th
"Brother Lawrence described his prayer life as "a silent and secret conversation of my soul with God." We, too, can enjoy God like this. In his presence we are treasured and watched over as he helps us to understand and celebrate every step along the way."
(p. 109)

June 16th
"If I look to human beings, I'm destined to be let down. Everyone from the most crooked politician to the closest human friend will fall short when compared to the perfect one for whom my heart was designed. So the Lord is whispering to me today to stop looking in all the wrong faces for perfect love, and to look to his Son."
(p. 104)

June 15th
"It is so easy to waste precious moments with the futilities and letdowns of life when just changing the direction of our glance-just looking to the Lord and giving him our praise-will bring our hearts to a whole new place."
(p. 99)

June 14th
"When we feel that a snare of commitments, hurry, and busyness has trapped us, we can open the eyes of our hearts to Jesus. As we do, the confusion clears. We see that we need not do a hundred things or fifty things or even ten; we need do only one: obey him, one small task at a time."
(p. 99)

June 13th
"If you have temporarily lost your joy, ask the Lord to show you the point at which you may have left the path of obedience and turned from his presence. Think of it as a map—a treasure map—and ask him to lead you back to the place and the time when you may have deserted your prayer life."
(p. 90)

June 12th
"Why do we doubt that God longs to use whoever we are wherever we are if only we will yield to him? He's waiting only for a prayerful surrender."
(p. 85)

June 11th
"In worship we set things in perspective, saying, in effect, "you are God and we are not. We bow our hearts before you." As we give our hearts over fully to our Father in worship, we experience the purpose for which it was created."
(p. 70)

June 10th
"When David asked the Lord to grant him an undivided heart, he knew what benefit he was requesting. He was asking for the kind of heart and mind and personality that would reverence God's character and adhere to God's way of doing things."
(p. 62)

June 9th
"To be intercessors is to keep company with Jesus Christ. To follow in the Savior's footsteps is to live as he lived, and if we do, then we will know the joy of his reinforcing our intercessory prayers with his own."
(p. 58)

June 8th
"Are you listening for the voice of God in your spirit, the voice that brings God into every decision? As long as you are listening, he will speak. As long as your heart is tuned into his frequency, you can depend on him to touch you with his words of reason and his hand of wisdom."
(p. 56)

June 7th
"When we are willing to reserve the quiet center of ourselves for the awesome presence of God, we will know the intimacy and power of a private prayer life."
(p. 39)

June 6th
"Whenever we feel that God has turned away from us, it's good to know that he hasn't. Whenever we are reaching out to God we will find him reaching out to us."
(p. 32)

June 5th
"I am thankful for the prayers of David. They let me know I'm not the only one who's ever had a broken heart-not the only one who has lain across the bed weeping-not the only one who has felt alone and brought my brokenness to God."
(p. 25)

June 4th
"How many times I have heard people say, "The least we can do is pray." Just the opposite is true. The most we can do is pray."
(p. 20)

June 3rd
"God wants to supply us with the bread of his presence, the nourishment of his friendship. He wants to meet us in our times of prayer and enter into a personal relationship with us."
(p. 7)

June 2nd
"If you have not the vaguest clue as to what God's will is for you, you may not have been listening carefully enough. God wants to communicate with us. He wants desperately for each of us to hear him."
(p. 6)

June 1st
"God is showing us the way. He has left us every clue to his presence and every evidence of his yearning for us, like scattered bread along the path of prayer. He is waiting for us to come with broken spirits and contrite hearts."
(p. 2)