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Today's Devotional:

"The Book of Proverbs is a book of reminders. It is the voice of a wise, experienced parent, passing on to a willful child some basic truths that every generation past knew."
(p. xi)

Previous Devotionals for May:

May 31st
"The Book of Proverbs is a book of reminders. It is the voice of a wise, experienced parent, passing on to a willful child some basic truths that every generation past knew."
(p. xi)

May 30th
"We should all heed the warning of Proverbs 15:4. When it says that a perverse tongue "breaks the spirit," it may be referring to the people it harms--and also to the possessor of the harmful tongue."
(p. 209)

May 29th
"God often blesses the righteous with worldly prosperity--often, but not always, and it is better to be poor and good than rich and wicked. Wealth does not necessarily bring happiness or inner peace, and most often does not. "Whoever trust in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf." (11:28)."
(p. 197)

May 28th
"As long as human beings exist in this world, they will attempt to exploit each other for money. People of faith who deal in business have to ask themselves some obvious questions: Am I charging too much for my goods or services? Would I be willing to let God audit my books? When I stand before a righteous God at the Last Judgment, is there anything in my business practices that will make me ashamed?"

May 27th
"In a sense all strength comes from God, for it is he who made us.But we are never merely robots powered from the outside source. Toughness is a mental and spiritual quality we can choose to cultivate--or not, as we see in Proverbs 24:10."

May 26th
""Love your enemies"? Really? Nothing goes against our nature more than this moral mandate. But Jesus commanded us to do so, and as you can see from these verses from Proverbs, Jesus was only reminding people of something already taught in the Old Testament."
(p. 182)

May 25th
"Proverbs 18:8 speaks of gossip as "choice morsels"--that is, "juicy tidbits." But these tidbits, tasty though they are, go down to"the inmost parts." They do not nourish the soul, but harm it. Sadly, they harm the gossipper more than the distant person who is the center of the gossip."
(p. 170)

May 24th
"Hell is not exactly a happy subject. But then, neither is sin. Hell is serious because sin is. So of course God is wrathful and threatening, for he sees (more than any of us do, individually) the hurt caused by vain, self-seeking humans."
(p. 168)

May 23rd
"Proverbs 10:31 warns that "the perverse tongue will be cutoff." Literally? No. But spiritually, yes. The Bible is pretty clear: if we won't control our tongues, we are far from God."
(p. 166)

May 22nd
"Proverbs 18:5 is directed not at God, of course, but at earthly judges. In effect, they are told to be like God--take the side of the innocent against the side of the wicked. Be fair. Take no bribes and do not be partial to the wealthy and powerful."
(p. 153)

May 21st
"The spiritually honest person is frank, open. He has a mind open to God's Spirit, a heart which, while not perfect, does not mind God's searchlight shining into it. The spiritually honest person is willing to see himself as God sees him."
(p. 141)

May 20th
"But the God who raises the dead sets us free from fear. We do not have to believe that this earthly life is all. In fact, we are certain it is not. That does not mean that we treat it lightly, but it is not our final priority--or our final hope."
(p. 105)

May 19th
"Our modern notions of parental discipline run counter to the biblical concept of parenthood, which assumes that real love for a child involves discipline, not indulgence. But even modern Christians know that behind the Lord's discipline lie purpose and love."
(p. 99)

May 18th
"I am glad God accepts us in our faltering attempts to lead the life of faith. I am glad there are believers whose dedication exceeds mine, for I need the daily encouragement of those whose conviction seldom wavers. I am glad there is a Father whose compassion and wisdom exceeds even the best human counselors."
(p. 95)

May 17th
"The persecuted folk of today have the same assurance as Christ's first apostles: "the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out." Even if the persecutors seem to triumph in this world, God's faithful ones will survive and thrive throughout eternity."
(p. 90)

May 16th
"You cannot read far in Proverbs without noticing its concern for wise use of the tongue. Most quarrels begin not with deeds but with words, and words help perpetuate those quarrels. We all know this, and we know that all the old cliches are true. Silence is golden."
(p. 88)

May 15th
"The Bible has high praise for patience and self-control--more praise than for either wisdom or bravery. The Bible calls people to be "God's diehards," enduring life's great and small disagreeables, and coming out stronger for having endured."
(p. 82)

May 14th
"But throughout the long history of Christian, there are many shining examples of poor folk who turned their lives around (with the aid of God and godly people) and who in turn gave spiritual and material aid to the lowly. It is a spiritual "domino effect" that God approves. "
(p. 78)

May 13th
"Evil will never be completely overcome in this world, of course. But God still holds out the eternal standard, a government where 'the people rejoice' because 'the righteous thrive.'"
(p. 72)

May 12th
"Resolution: Make a list of behaviors and attitudes that you hate when you see them in other people. Consider which ones you are guilty of yourself. Resolve to direct your mind not to those faults in others, but those in yourself."
(p. 66)

May 11th
"Frankly, the Bible's morality is amazingly simple: Hate in yourself the things you hate in other people, cultivate in yourself the qualities you like in other people. Very simple, very basic, and very difficult, for we are easily distracted from our own failings. "
(p. 65)

May 10th
"Living the kind of life God intended requires different kinds of courage. We need one kind, a quiet kind, to say no to temptations, to exercise self-control in a world that constantly shouts "Indulge yourself!""
(p. 58)

May 9th
"The giving heart is more important than the appearance--and, come to think of it, that is true for men as well as women. Bad men--"ruthless men," as Proverbs 11:16 has it--are condemned, regardless of what they look like."
(p. 47)

May 8th
"This is one of the great comforting messages of the Bible: Whatever is good never ends. The righteous God is eternal, and righteous souls share in eternity."
(p. 45)

May 7th
"A righteous person is fair and honest in his dealings, showing no partiality to the powerful, but showing compassion to the oppressed and exploited. If a righteous person is "intolerant," he is intolerant of injustice, dishonesty, and exploitation."
(p. 45)

May 6th
"The Bible's message is clear: if you are a person of faith, you care for the poor. "Care" means more than striking an attitude. It means actively working to benefit destitute individuals."
(p. 33)

May 5th
"The Bible has a name for people who cannot accept the awesome God: fools.Doesn't that name apply perfectly to anyone who cannot accept the basic reality, that God is in charge and wants his creatures to treat each other with compassion and fairness?"

May 4th
"Note the words: money is not evil, but love of money is. Any of us, from the poorest to the richest, can have that love. And any of us can be discontent. Why so, when the ideal state is "godliness with contentment"--something that is within everyone's grasp? "
(p. 25)

May 3rd
"Honesty, after all, isn't so much a practice as an attitude of mind. It is one of the practical outworkings of the doctrine of loving our neighbors as ourselves. If you love your neighbor you won't cheat him; you would not want to be cheated yourself. "
(p. 19)

May 2nd
"Kids need to hear the same message as adults: The real hero is the person who conquers his evil inclinations. Ultimately, the only power a person has is that which he exercises over himself. True power is knowing that you can, but you don't."
(p. 5)

May 1st
"The Book of Proverbs is a book of reminders. It is the voice of a wise, experienced parent, passing on to a willful child some basic truths that every generation past knew."
(p. xi)