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Today's Devotional:

"Life can be so crazy and hectic that people often forget to do what's right and best. That's why God continually reminds us to focus our attention on the one true rule of life and conduct that he, the Creator of the cosmos, authored."
(p. 129)

Previous Devotionals for March:

March 30th
"God knows everything. Not only what we do in secret but what we think, what we ponder in our hearts. His knowledge is not that of some cosmic killjoy, but rather the knowledge of a loving father who desires only the best for his children."

March 29th
"The cross is the scalpel that cuts out the disease in all of us and replaces it with the healing touch of God."
(p. 199)

March 28th
"Paul called us to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15) and Solomon told us that iron sharpens iron (Prov. 27:17), but I do think the evil one really wrecks havoc among believers when he tempts us to emphasize judgmental words instead of gracious interaction."
(p. 192)

March 27th
"When the Lord is our hiding place, we are safe no matter what happens. Oh we may suffer or even die, but our souls are safely carried into his presence in heaven."
(p. 190)

March 26th
"God may not require that you and I suffer and die on a cross. But he does require that we offer up our lives to him so he can use them for his glory."
(p. 174)

March 25th
"Jesus both upheld and radically transformed God's ancient sacrificial system. He visited the temple during Passover and participated in the Passover meal. But then he himself became a sacrificial lamb, dying for us and our sins on the cross."
(p. 173)

March 24th
"Someone has said that the ground at the foot of the cross is level, meaning that we have all sinned and are all filthy. It matters not what sins we have committed. Even those of us with the least amount of filth are as guilty as those with the most."
(p. 172)

March 23rd
"God's gifts are wonderful things to enjoy, but our enjoyment is not the bottom line. Christ saved us so that we could help him save others. Only when we act as salt and light in our world will we accomplish this urgent assignment."
(p. 167)

March 22nd
"Salvation through Christ is the highest purpose of our entire existence. But life doesn't end there. Instead, coming to know Christ is just the beginning of a new life lived for a higher purpose."
(p. 166)

March 21st
"How can we be sure of something we don't see? How can we hope in something we can't touch? This is the kind of faith God wants from us. Though we cannot see him, he wants us to trust him. And though we cannot touch him, he desires that we place ourselves in his outstretched arms."
(p. 160)

March 20th
"If it were not for faith, we would not be able to believe God and see his work in our lives. If it were not for hope, we would be unable to apply this life-transforming faith to the challenge of daily life.
Even still, it is love that knits the whole package together in a way that is pleasing to God and helpful to others."
(p. 151)

March 19th
"I think we need reminders of the unchanging faithfulness of God as we live in a world that is ever changing. As we read the Bible we are reminded of just how omnipotent God is. His hand stretches back through all of history and forward into all of the future."
(p. 149)

March 18th
"Your deeds may not be recorded in the Bible or read by millions of people for thousands of years. But God will know what you've done, and that will be more than enough."
(p. 147)

March 17th
"God isn't out to lunch, but there are plenty of times when we are. Perhaps we become too overwhelmed with the cares of daily life. Or perhaps we become so busy that we don't take thirty seconds to listen to God's still, small voice speaking in our hearts."
(p. 139)

March 16th
"Jesus wants us to seek for God with the same single-minded determination as we would seek for food if we had gone without it for a week. We are all to be part of a "seeker culture." If we do that, he promises that we will find the spiritual nourishment we crave."
(p. 129)

March 15th
"Life can be so crazy and hectic that people often forget to do what's right and best. That's why God continually reminds us to focus our attention on the one true rule of life and conduct that he, the Creator of the cosmos, authored."
(p. 126)

March 14th
"Since we are told there will be no more tears in heaven (Revelation 21:4), it must mean that we will laugh in the reckless way that children laugh. They giggle with delight and double over with peels of joy."
(p. 123)

March 13th
"God, in his providence, imparts truth in many ways: through his word, through his presence in the Holy Spirit, through the word of pastors and teachers. And he uses all of us as his vehicles to impart truth to those close to us."
(p. 117)

March 12th
"The Bible is a book of many blessings. Some of them come directly from the mouth of God. Many others are human blessings. But the one thing they all have in common is that they are designed to confer a sense of grace and inspiration to the person receiving the blessing."

March 11th
"We have the power to be life-destroyers or life-givers with just the words we speak. It is a tremendous responsibility to take these words from James 3:6 and determine to tame our tongues."
(p. 106)

March 10th
"Our lives are part of a vast, seamless web of love and creation that began long before we were born. If we remember this, our lives can be transformed."
(p. 74)

March 9th
"And the amazing truth of God's love is that he poured it out on us while we were still sinners. Even after accepting his Son, we still make mistakes and commit sins. And he still loves us."
(p. 72)

March 8th
"Jesus never said his new command would be easy to follow. But he did teach s that life wouldn't make any sense without love."

March 7th
"When we approach Jesus, in the midst of our crowded worlds, and reach out to him, confident that he will respond, we experience his peace. Our faith heals our souls, if not our circumstances."
(p. 62)

March 6th
"With Christ as Lord of our hearts we comprehend our own fallenness and the graciousness of Jesus to have died for us. We are able to look at others with compassion instead of condemnation, because we know that we are just like they are; guilty but forgiven."
(p. 46)

March 5th
"Jesus isn't telling us to ignore sin. What he's trying to do is get us to look within our hearts, examine our souls, and be sensitive to the roots of sinful attitudes that, if permitted to grow unhindered, will undoubtedly blossom into future sinful acts."
(pp. 31-32)

March 4th
"One of the most comforting truths about our relationship with God is that he is with us. We do not face our trials alone but walk with the Creator of the universe who can supernaturally change our perspective."
(p. 28)

March 3rd
"When I expose my sins to God, my confession opens up the door to his forgiveness and cleansing. Instead of hiding my woundedness, I offer it up to him who brings the healing balm of forgiveness and purification."
(p. 15)

March 2nd
"Our lives often seem like pilgrimages on rough trails winding through dark and dangerous lands. But God's word is a powerful source of light that sheds light on our path and shows us the way to go."
(p. 2)

March 1st
"Whether you call it divine revelation, Holy Scripture, God's Word, or simply the Bible, the message is the same: God cares about us so much that he has given us a book that tells us what he is like and how we can have a loving relationship with him."
(p. xvi)