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Previous Devotionals

Word of Mouth

Faithful Fifteen

Today's Devotional:

"[God] has not left us alone to sort things out on our own. He sent the Holy Spirit to pick up where we leave off—where we find ourselves without a prayer. That's a promise you can draw on without saying a word." (p. 142)

Previous Devotionals for February:

February 29th
"[God] has not left us alone to sort things out on our own. He sent the Holy Spirit to pick up where we leave off—where we find ourselves without a prayer. That's a promise you can draw on without saying a word." (p. 142)

February 28th
"Make Jesus the Lord of your everyday life. Allow Him to share the fun times with you as well as the devotional times. Don't leave Him waiting outside, knocking on the door." (p. 135)

February 27th
"What are some of the overwhelming deluges and fiery trials God has brought you through? Maybe He needs to remind you of those things so you can begin to believe that His protection in the past serves as an illustration of His promise to you for the future." (p. 127)

February 26th
"God wants you to go to Him with your troubles, to expose the sorrow in your heart and give voice to them. Cry, shout, scream, sob—it makes no difference to Him. He will hear you, and He will pull you out of your despair and place His peace within you." (p. 118)

February 25th
"Jesus suffered the ultimate form of persecution. He assures us that our suffering is only temporary and that physical death is not the end to life. He will personally hand over the crown of life to those who remain faithful." (p. 112)

February 24th
"When you begin to doubt God's provision, think about Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah. The God who intervened and provided an alternate sacrifice to spare Isaac's life can certainly provide for your needs. No need is too small or too big for God to meet." (p. 106)

February 23rd
"God vows that He will make good on all His promises—and He reminds us that all of His promises find their fulfillment in His Son, Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father." (p. 103)

February 22nd
"The heavens and the earth and the mountains see how God is comforting us, and they "shout…rejoice…burst into song!" over the wonderful way God shows compassion on His people." (p. 99)

February 21st
"Meditating on the Word of God enables it to sink deep into your spirit so that you may "be careful to do everything written in it." In other words, it becomes such an intrinsic part of your life that you begin to automatically think about Scripture when you're confronted with a difficult choice or a sticky situation in your life." (p. 95)

February 20th
"God's promises are not magic tricks. They are the gifts a loving Father gives to His children, powerful gifts that must be used responsibly." (p. 93)

February 19th
"The Lord will never turn His back on you. He will always remain close to you, waiting for that moment when you are finally ready to turn to Him to give you the comfort you so desperately need—and to repair your broken heart. He Promised." (p. 69)

February 18th
"The permanence of God's word also means that every single promise in the Bible will endure. Not one carries an expiration date this side of eternity; there's no chance that you'll ever claim a promise that's no longer valid." (p. 67)

February 17th
"God is clear on His resolve to protect us from internal fears and external dangers, even if we are not. We really should take Him at His word, especially when it's dark and scary and we feel as if we are all alone." (p. 62)

February 16th
"To be in Christ means to share His nature. Your motivations, behavior, attitudes, thought life—in fact, the very heartbeat of your life—increasingly become more like His and less like your old pattern of living." (p. 58)

February 15th
"Go to God with your mustard-seed faith. Place it before Him and ask Him to accomplish both great and small things that will bring honor and glory to His name. Make that mountain-moving promise real in your life by simply believing that God will do what He has said He will do." (p. 50)

February 14th
"When you genuinely submit to God, you relinquish to Him all control over your life. You say to the Father, as Jesus did, "Yet not as I will, but as you will" (Matthew 26:39). In doing that, you give God permission to fight your battles for you." (p. 46)

February 13th
"If You let Him, Jesus can become to you all that a true friend could possibly be—and far more. Turn to Jesus and begin to see Him as the friend He already is. Because this friend already laid down His life for you." (p. 41)

February 12th
"While there's nothing you can do to earn God's grace, there are plenty of ways in which you can respond to His gift of grace appropriately, like accepting it gratefully, showing your gratitude through your obedience, maintaining fellowship with God, and serving Him and other people with a sacrificial joy." (p. 36)

February 11th
"As you read your Bible, pay special attention to those instances in which lives were changed by the courageous spirit that replaced the fear they had experienced. The same power that God made available to His people in biblical times is available to you today—you only have to ask for it." (p. 34)

February 10th
"Deep down, we usually know what God is saying to us. The problem comes when we don't want to look that far, to the "deep down" place where He is speaking to us." (p. 29)

February 9th
"Regardless of how you feel—no matter how far away the Lord may seem—He is always with you. Even in your darkest days and nights, even in your spiritually dry times, even in your times of rebellion, He is there." (p. 24)

February 8th
"Don't allow an abundance of opportunity to become a source of confusion in your life. Lay your choices out before God and allow Him the opportunity to give you peace about the direction in which you should go." (p. 21)

February 7th
"Genuine confession, then, involves not only agreeing with God about your sin but also refusing to indulge in that sin anymore. If you genuinely confess your sin, He promises to forgive and purify you. You can know you are forgiven." (p. 19)

February 6th
"Your fruitfulness depends on your faithfulness in drawing on all that Jesus has to offer, and that requires "remaining" in Him. The word for "remaining" can also be translated as "abiding"—dwelling in Him, resting in Him, counting on Him to continue to provide all you need for spiritual fruitfulness." (p. 16)

February 5th
"Look back over your day and ask God to show you the opportunities you had to resist the many temptations you faced. Don't just look at your failures, though—pay attention to the many victories you experienced as well." (p. 14)

February 4th
"Set aside time to stop your normal routine. Ask God to enable you to clear your mind and learn to abide in Him; ask Him to help you believe that His promise of rest is still valid in the twenty-first century." (p. 11)

February 3rd
"[God] has given you freedom to live the abundant life, not one that keeps you chained to your bed for fear of a single misstep. And He's given you the Holy Spirit to empower you to walk in the assurance that your steps are indeed directed by the Lord." (p. 9)

February 2nd
"Once you've broken the barrier that keeps you from experiencing genuine joy, your capacity for rejoicing will begin to expand—and you'll start to wonder how you can possibly contain it all. You can't, which is exactly what God intended." (p. 3)

February 1st
"Unlike our flesh-and-blood friends—unlike ourselves—God does not break His promises. Nor does He make them lightly. No, when God says He's going to do something, you can count on Him to make good on His promises." (p. xv)