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Word of Mouth

Faithful Fifteen


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April 2010

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Celebrating Mothers --- and Your Local Libraries

The long days of sunshine and the greening of the landscape here in the northeast have been so welcome after a long gray winter. I feel like there is a real spring in my step!

Earlier this month, I learned some very frustrating news about libraries. In an effort to reduce budgets and save money, many town governments across the country are seriously considering cutting funding and resources for libraries, or even closing them. My mother recently attended a town meeting where this topic was put on the table in my hometown, and it immediately got a lot of people up in arms.

This was very upsetting to both of us, as you can imagine. I, like many of you, have so many fond memories of our town library. I remember going there during my childhood, teen years, college years and into adulthood, and just being among the books. Over the years I've met a number of librarians and learned about so many great books from them --- and have shared those I enjoy as well. And it's always so special to visit the library and see young people there, whether it's for story time or school projects or just browsing. I know we've all been affected by the economy, but closing one of the few true community places is not the answer to save money!

I hope all of you can take up this cause and ask your local librarians how you can get involved. The first step is simply visiting your library. If you haven't been there in a while, maybe it's time to renew your library card. Check out their weekly and monthly event programming. Try to bring along a younger person and get them excited about reading. Ask them if they need your support with budget issues and ask how you can get involved.

On a state level in New Jersey, we have learned that the governor has called for a 75% cut in library funding. And thus we are writing and making calls about that as well. I have learned never to assume that "someone else is taking care of this." You have to reach out and get involved.

On a national level, there will be a rally in Washington, DC on Tuesday, June 29th as part of Library Advocacy Day. I will be there for the rally and to meet with legislators from my state to voice my opinion on this. You can be a part of this day as well. You can learn more about what you can do here.

Switching gears, we have compiled a number of mom-perfect reads in our Mother's Day roundup. We encourage you to take a look at these fiction and nonfiction selections and see which ones you'd like to give to your mother on her special day. Over at, we are celebrating Mother's Day MONTH (because all mothers deserve more than just one day!), where we are featuring not only a wonderful series of blog posts from authors and their mothers, but also our annual contest. We are giving away 15 baskets filled with a collection of 12 titles form our pool of 36 books, as well as some Mother's Day-themed items. The deadline for entries is Monday, May 3rd at noon ET.

On this month, we're featuring a contest for
Jerome R. Corsi's debut novel, THE SHROUD CODEX. The author may sound familiar as he has written several bestselling political books over the years, but this is his first step into fiction. We have 20 copies to give away to those who enter here by Tuesday, June 1st at noon ET.

Four new study guides have been added to the site:
ROOMS by James L. Rubart, IN HARM'S WAY: Heroes of Quantico, Book 3 by Irene Hannon, SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY by Siri Mitchell and SWORN TO PROTECT: Call of Duty, Book 2 by DiAnn Mills. You can also read an excerpt from SIXTEEN BRIDES, Stephanie Grace Whitson's newest novel.

In addition, we're featuring two author interviews.
Linda Lee Chaikin talks about her latest novel, THE SPOILS OF EDEN, the first book in her Dawn of Hawaii series, which traces the Polynesian culture and the history of the islands. Also, Siri Mitchell discusses her research and inspiration for SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY, an historical romance set during the Gilded Age in New York City.

Among the new reviews added to our Faithful Fiction, Christian Living, and Marriage and Family Life sections are
IMAGINARY JESUS by Matt Mikalatos (we're also awarding a copy of the book to the winner of our Word of Mouth contest), ESSENTIALS FOR LIFE: Your Back-to-Basics Guide to What Matters Most by Marcia Ford, and MOMMY POWER: Discovering Your Mommy Strength by Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman.

And finally, the nominees for the
2010 Christy Awards
were announced recently. Read on to learn more about these prestigious awards, which recognize novelists and novels of excellence in several genres of Christian fiction.

To all the mothers out there, have a wonderful day with your loved ones --- and here's hoping it might extend a little longer than that!

Carol Fitzgerald ( Mother's Day Roundup
We at believe that Mother’s Day should be celebrated and cherished every day of the year. Mothers are leaders by example and offer guidance throughout our lives. One way to show your appreciation for who she is and what she has done for you is to share a book with her that she will truly love. With this in mind, we have compiled a number of nonfiction titles that focus on taking small steps to improve the everyday lives of moms, along with some fiction selections that can be read over and over again, even after her special day has come and gone.
Click here to see our roundup of Mother's Day titles.

Special Contest and Feature: THE SHROUD CODEX by Jerome R. Corsi

We are celebrating the release of THE SHROUD CODEX by Jerome R. Corsi --- an intriguing, suspenseful story of science and religion --- with a special contest. Twenty readers will have the opportunity to each win a copy of the book. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, June 1st at noon ET.

THE SHROUD CODEX by Jerome R. Corsi (Suspense)
A priest begins exhibiting the wounds of a crucified Jesus Christ, known as the stigmata, while increasingly resembling the image of Christ as seen on the Shroud of Turin. The Vatican employs a psychiatrist and scientist to investigate and ultimately debunk the bizarre connection. As the two men begin to investigate the famous artifact itself, each is finally forced to face mysteries that cannot be explained by sheer reason alone. It will be the most unsettling --- and eventually soul-wrenching --- journey of discovery they have ever undertaken.

-Click here to read more about THE SHROUD CODEX.
-Click here to read an excerpt from THE SHROUD CODEX.
-Click here to watch an interview with Jerome R. Corsi.
-Click here to read Jerome R. Corsi’s bio.

Click here to read all the contest details.

Study Guide Now Available: ROOMS by James L. Rubart
ROOMS by James L. Rubart (Suspense)
On a rainy spring day in Seattle, young software tycoon Micah Taylor receives a cryptic, 25-year-old letter from a great uncle he never knew. It claims a home awaits him on the Oregon coast that will turn his world inside out. Suspecting a prank, Micah arrives at Cannon Beach to discover a stunning brand-new 9,000-square foot house. And after meeting Sarah Sabin at a nearby ice cream shop, he has two reasons to visit the beach every weekend.

-Click here to read more about ROOMS
-Click here to read a review of ROOMS.

-Click here to read James L. Rubart’s bio.

Click here to see the study guide for ROOMS.

Study Guide Now Available: IN HARM'S WAY by Irene Hannon
IN HARM’S WAY: Heroes of Quantico, Book 3 by Irene Hannon (Romantic Suspense)
IN HARM’S WAY is an intriguing story about an infant kidnapping, an unusual Raggedy Ann doll and a terrified heroine who must convince the FBI her strange story is true. No one takes her seriously --- until one agent stumbles across a link between the doll and the abducted infant, setting in motion a chain of events that uncovers startling connections…and puts the heroine’s life on the line.

-Click here to read more about IN HARM’S WAY.
-Click here to read Irene Hannon’s bio.

Click here to see the study guide for IN HARM'S WAY.

Study Guide Now Available: SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY by Siri Mitchell

SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY by Siri Mitchell (Historical Fiction)
For a young society woman seeking a favorable marriage, so much depends on her social season debut. Clara Carter has been given one goal: secure the affections of the city's most eligible bachelor. Debuting means plenty of work --- there are corsets to be fitted, dances to master, manners to perfect. Her training soon pays off, however, as celebrity's spotlight turns Clara into a society-page darling.

-Click here to read more about SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY.
-Click here to read an interview with Siri Mitchell.
-Click here to read Siri Mitchell’s bio.

Click here to see the study guide for SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY.

Study Guide Now Available: SWORN TO PROTECT by DiAnn Mills

SWORN TO PROTECT: Call of Duty, Book 2 by DiAnn Mills (Romantic Suspense)
Border Patrol Agent Danika Morales has sworn to protect the southern borders of our nation, but that oath has cost her. Two years ago, her husband, Toby, was killed trying to help the very immigrants Danika was responsible for sending back to Mexico. His murder was never solved. But now, a recent string of attacks and arrests leads her to believe that someone in McAllen is profiting from sneaking undocumented immigrants into the country…and it may somehow be tied to Toby’s death.

-Click here to read more about SWORN TO PROTECT.
-Click here to read an excerpt from SWORN TO PROTECT.
-Click here to read DiAnn Mills’s bio.

Click here to see the study guide for SWORN TO PROTECT.

Author Talk: Linda Lee Chaikin, Author of THE SPOILS OF EDEN
Linda Lee Chaikin has written over 30 books, including The Silk House series and FOR WHOM THE STARS SHINE, a finalist for the prestigious Christy Award and a story that introduces the main characters in her latest title, THE SPOILS OF EDEN. In this interview, Chaikin explains her interest in Hawaii, which became a state when she was growing up. She also discusses the novel’s emphasis on the sometimes-misrepresented Hawaiian Christianity and the theme of God as a loving father who is actively involved in our history.

THE SPOILS OF EDEN: The Dawn of Hawaii, Book 1 by Linda Lee Chaikin (Historical Fiction)

Baby Kip is the center of a bittersweet struggle between estranged lovers Eden Derrington and Rafe Easton, especially since the law states children of lepers cannot be adopted. Then, when Eden’s father returns to establish a leper clinic, Eden leaves Rafe behind. Amid the political tension, sinister deeds and hidden guilt, can Eden hear the voice of God calling in tropical paradise?

-Click here to read more about THE SPOILS OF EDEN.
here to read an excerpt from THE SPOILS OF EDEN.

here to read Linda Lee Chaikin’s bio.

Click here to read an interview with Linda Lee Chaikin.

Special Feature: SIXTEEN BRIDES by Stephanie Grace Whitson

SIXTEEN BRIDES by Stephanie Grace Whitson (Historical Fiction)
In 1872, sixteen Civil War widows living in St. Louis respond to a series of meetings conducted by a land speculator who lures them west by promising "prime homesteads" in a "booming community." Unbeknownst to them, the speculator's true motive is to find an excuse to bring women to the fledging community of Plum Grove, Nebraska, in hopes they will accept marriage proposals shortly after their arrival!

-Click here to read an excerpt from SIXTEEN BRIDES.
-Click here to read Stephanie Grace Whitson’s bio.

Click here to read more about SIXTEEN BRIDES.

The 2010 Christy Award Nominees
On April 29th, the Christy Advisory Board announced the nominees for this year’s Christy Awards, which honor the best of Christian Fiction published the previous year. The winners will be honored at a ceremony to be held on June 26th in St. Louis, MO, during which two-time Christy Award winner and seven-time nominee Lisa Samson will deliver the keynote address.
Click here to see the nominees for this year's Christy Awards.'s Suspense/Thriller Feature: INDIVISIBLE by Kristen Heitzmann
A down-on-his luck police chief makes a startling discovery in the serene Colorado mountain town of Redford in INDIVISIBLE, a psychological thriller from Kristen Heitzmann that releases on May 4th. What Jonah Westfall uncovers could threaten the civilians of this small town with catastrophic events.

-Click here to read an excerpt from INDIVISIBLE.
here to read Kristen Heitzmann's bio.
-Visit Kristen Heitzmann's official website,
-Click here for more information about INDIVISIBLE.

Police Chief Jonah Westfall knows the dark side of life and has committed himself to eradicating it. When a pair of raccoons are found mutilated in Redford, Colorado, Jonah investigates the gruesome act, knowing the strange event could escalate and destroy the tranquility of his small mountain town. With never-ending conflict with Tia Manning, a formidable childhood friend with whom he has more than a passing history, Jonah fights for answers --- and his fragile sobriety.

Click here to see's Suspense/Thriller feature for INDIVISIBLE.

Faithful Fiction Reviews
IMAGINARY JESUS by Matt Mikalatos (Fiction)
IMAGINARY JESUS is an hilarious, fast-paced, not-quite-fictional story that’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before. When Matt Mikalatos realizes that his longtime buddy in the robe and sandals isn’t the real Jesus at all, but an imaginary one, he embarks on a mission to find the real thing. Reviewed by Marcia Ford.

FORGET ME NOT by Vicki Hinze (Suspense)
Imagine regaining consciousness, bruised and battered, in a wooded area not knowing how you got there. And, worse yet, not knowing who you are or what your name is. Thus begins a young woman’s dangerous journey back to a life that may hold even more threats for her. The one thing she hasn’t lost is her faith in God, and through Him she finds the courage to continue. Reviewed by Maggie Harding.

HAND OF FATE: A Triple Threat Novel by Lis Wiehl with April Henry (Mystery)
Outspoken radio talk show host Jim Fate dies tragically when poisonous gas fills the studio while his polarizing show, "The Hand of Fate," is on air. In the ensuing panic, police evacuate downtown Portland --- and the triple threat of FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges, crime reporter Cassidy Shaw and Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce begin piecing together the madness, motive and mystery of what just happened. Reviewed by Marcia Ford.

Click here to read our Faithful Fiction reviews.

Christian Living Reviews
ESSENTIALS FOR LIFE: Your Back-to-Basics Guide to What Matters Most by Marcia Ford (Christian Life)
A growing number of people recognize their need for a reliable guide for their life's journey. ESSENTIALS FOR LIFE fills that need by helping readers get back to the basics of what matters most with a fresh perspective on four core essentials of the Christian life: What do I believe? How do I grow closer to God? What should my character and life reflect? How do I live my life every day?
Reviewed by Michele Howe.

MORE JESUS, LESS RELIGION: Moving from Rules to Relationship by Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton (Christian Living)
Over a decade ago, bestselling authors Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton exposed the dangers of what they called "toxic faith," helping countless believers to discern between religion and relationship and overcome their spiritual baggage. Drawing upon an additional 10 years of observation and personal experience, they offer new insights in the search for lasting joy, fuller freedom and greater understanding, and a more honest experience of God.
Reviewed by Michele Howe.

PRACTICE RESURRECTION: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ by Eugene H. Peterson (Christian Living)
In PRACTICE RESURRECTION, Eugene H. Peterson unpacks Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians in a theological “conversation” about what it means to mature to the “stature of Christ.” Peterson’s pastoral style draws readers to a deeper understanding of God’s call and their Christian walk. Reviewed by Evelyn Bence.

Click here to read our Christian Living reviews.

Marriage and Family Life Review
MOMMY POWER: Discovering Your Mommy Strength by Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman (Parenting)
Many women struggle with being mothers. The great joys of parenting are hindered by harsh self-doubt and a chronic lack of physical and emotional energy. In MOMMY POWER, Sheila Schuller Coleman helps women understand that while they really don't have the power or strength to handle the demands of motherhood alone, they don't have to.
Reviewed by Michele Howe.
Click here to read our Marriage and Family Life review.

Word of Mouth: What You're Reading
Tell us what books YOU are reading and loving --- or even those you don't. This contest period, one winner will receive IMAGINARY JESUS by Matt Mikalatos. To put your name in the hat, submit your current reading list and ratings by completing the form here.
Tell us what you are reading here to be eligible to win!

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