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This Month on

February 2006


Close to the Heart and Hearth

ON THIS DAY by Melody Carlson

EVEN NOW by Karen Kingsbury

WINGS OF MORNING by Kathleen Morgan


FRONT PAGE LOVE by Paige Lee Elliston

Bethany House --- Great Christian Fiction

Faithful Fiction Reviews

Christian Living Reviews

Marriage and Family Life Review

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Close to the Heart and Hearth

Well it's the end of February and it seems winter has just begun. It's been chillier in New York the last couple of days than it's been all year --- it's the kind of weather that makes curling up with a good book even sweeter.

This month we bring you reviews of novels by Karen Kingsbury, EVEN NOW, and Melody Carlson, ON THIS DAY. We also have some terrific titles in the Faithful Fiction, Christian Living and Marriage and Family Life review sections --- you're bound to find some intriguing and inspiring books. I know I did.

We got some interesting answers to last month's poll and question regarding where you find your books, so interesting, in fact, that we're continuing both of them this month so more of you have a chance to weigh in. So if you didn't get a chance to give us your feedback last month, you can do so now.

I'm actually rather enjoying these cold days as they give me a lovely excuse to spend time indoors, enjoying my family and good books. I have closets to clean, but this is a lot more fun. I bought these colored Duraflame logs, which set a nice reading mood along with some scented candles. I confess I have only seen BLUE flames, but I keep watching.

Happy reading....

Carol Fitzgerald (

ON THIS DAY by Melody Carlson

ON THIS DAY by Melody Carlson (Contemporary Romance)
Reviewed by Cindy Crosby
The adept and talented Melody Carlson turns her pen to a contemporary romance about the multi-generational struggles of women that coalesce at a destination wedding. During the course of this unforgettable day, each woman reaches a point of reckoning in her own most intimate relationship.

Click here to read a review of ON THIS DAY. 

EVEN NOW by Karen Kingsbury

EVEN NOW by Karen Kingsbury (Fiction)
Reviewed by W. Terry Whalin
A young woman seeking answers to her heart's deep questions. A man and woman separated by lies and long years, yet who have never forgotten each other. Karen Kingsbury weaves a tapestry of lives, losses, love, and faith --- and the miracle of resurrection.

Click here to read a review of EVEN NOW.

WINGS OF MORNING by Kathleen Morgan

WINGS OF MORNING by Kathleen Morgan
Can a forbidden love survive betrayal and suspicion in the Scottish highlands?

Orphan heiress and Scotswoman Regan MacLaren is a bride of only one day when her husband is murdered. Left alone to thwart the revenge her family seeks on her husband's assassin, Regan suffers a terrible fall and loses her memory-and with it her place in the world. Meanwhile, laird and warrior Iain Campbell is waiting for the love he knows God will bring him. But a woman near death and without a memory isn't quite what he expected.

And so begin enormous challenges for Regan and Iain to overcome the unholy ambitions of others while love takes them by surprise. But will betrayal and suspicion force them apart forever? Or can their love help heal their clans and their land?

-Click here to read an excerpt from WINGS OF MORNING.
-Click here to read a review of WINGS OF MORNING.

Click here to read more about WINGS OF MORNING.


When a couple faces a life-shattering situation, can love, commitment, and faith keep their family together?

After Angelica Amante defied her wealthy parents' wishes and married an illiterate Mexican stable hand, Antonio Perez, she thought their love had overcome the biggest hurdle they would ever face. But just as Angelica throws herself into her work as a defense attorney, she discovers she is pregnant-and her world is turned upside down.

As her husband struggles to save his fledgling landscape business, Angelica must juggle the challenges of a demanding boss and an unexpected pregnancy. Then their doctor becomes concerned about the health of their unborn child, and her relationship with her parents becomes troubled. Soon both Angelica and Antonio are confronted with decisions that shake them to their core. Will their faith in God and their love for each other sustain them-even when it seems their dreams are slipping away?

-Click here to read an excerpt from IN THE SHADE OF THE JACARANDA.

Click here to read more about IN THE SHADE OF THE JACARANDA.

FRONT PAGE LOVE by Paige Lee Elliston

FRONT PAGE LOVE by Paige Lee Elliston
She's about to write the story that could make her career...unless matters of the heart get in the way.

Julie Downs is devoted to her life as a newspaper reporter in the friendly town of Coldwater, Montana. She's a young, talented writer with high hopes for turning her small-town newspaper gig into an award-winning journalism career. But while a terrible drought slowly saps the strength and spirits of the local ranchers, her human-interest stories don't seem to help-except to attract the attention of not one but two very handsome men. Little does she know that her newspaper column is about to lead her to something even more threatening than the parched land.

As Julie works to uncover evidence for a headline-grabbing story about illegal doings in her small town, she is met with meager success-and the sinister threats of someone who doesn't want her snooping around. Only then does Julie realize that she is faced with some tough decisions. Should she pursue a story that could kick-start her career? Or leave it behind and follow her heart-wherever it may take her?

-Click here to read an excerpt from FRONT PAGE LOVE.

Click here to read more about FRONT PAGE LOVE.

Bethany House --- Great Christian Fiction

Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group, has been publishing high quality books for 50 years. Take a look at some of their latest titles!

See the latest titles from Bethany House here.

Faithful Fiction Reviews

THE NOBLE FUGITIVE by T. Davis Bunn and Isabella Bunn (Historical Fiction)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
The lives of Serafina --- daughter of a Venetian merchant prince --- and a world-weary ship captain become intertwined, and a place that once seemed only a dreaded detour becomes a sacred venue for the unveiling of God's Providence, in book three of the Heirs of Acadia series.

THINGS WE ONCE HELD DEAR by Ann Tatlock (Fiction)
Reviewed by Michele Howe
The foundations of Neil Sadler's small-town life had been rocked by a suspicious death. Years later, as he struggles to recover from a more recent loss, memories surrounding that disturbing ordeal have taken hold of his mind and won't let go. Intent on repairing his shattered world, Neil reconnects with his friend Mary Beeken; their once-close relationship hadn't been strong enough to survive the tragedy that overtook Mary's family.

THE HADASSAH COVENANT by Tommy Tenney and Mark Andrew Olsen (Historical Fiction)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
Picking up where the biblical book of Esther leaves off, this sequel to HADASSAH: ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING traces the fate of a concubine named Leah whose Jewish ancestry prevents her from becoming the queen of Persia during the Babylonian exile of the Jews from Jerusalem.

DWELLING PLACES by Vinita Hampton Wright (Fiction)
Reviewed by Evelyn Bence
Vinita Hampton Wright's insightful novel tells the moving tale of an Iowa farm family struggling with loss, depression, and a failure of faith. Mack Barnes has lost his farm --- along with his father and brother. But Mack's depression is only the beginning of his family's troubles...

ESCAPE FROM FRED by Brad Whittington (Fiction)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
Mark Cloud escapes Fred, Texas, to relish the anonymity of college in the final book of Brad Whittington's fiction series about a restless preacher's kid in the 1970s. But the proverbial time of his life skips a beat when a series of catastrophes leads him back home and then on a soul-searching road trip through America's heartland where his deepest questions have surprising answers.

WINGS OF MORNING: These Highland Hills, Book Two by Kathleen Morgan (Historical Romance)
Reviewed by Cindy Crosby
Orphan heiress and Scotswoman Regan MacLaren is a bride of only one day when her husband is murdered. Having suffered a terrible fall, Regan loses her memory --- and with it her place in the world. Meanwhile, laird and warrior Iain Campbell is waiting for the love he knows God will bring him. But a woman near death and without a memory isn't quite what he expected.

Read our Faithful Fiction reviews here.

Christian Living Reviews

STAND AGAINST THE WIND: Awaken the Hero Within by Erwin Raphael McManus (Inspirational/Motivational)
Reviewed by Margaret Feinberg
Life is fraught with challenging moments. When the storms of life blow, are you going to stand strong, bend, or break? Inspirational speaker and writer Erwin Raphael McManus suggests that you discover how to rise above the normal reaction and learn to stand against the wind.

TWINKLE: Sharing Your Faith a Little Light at a Time by Elisa Morgan (Christianity/Evangelism)
Reviewed by Lisa Ann Cockrel
Being a light in dark places is always a challenge. With real-life stories, scriptural insight and practical advice, Elisa Morgan will get you past the "I can'ts" of sharing your faith and help you grab onto the "I cans" of relational evangelism.

GOD BETWEEN THE COVERS: Finding Faith Through Reading by Marcia Ford (Spiritual Growth/Memoir)
Reviewed by Evelyn Bence
"These are the books that shaped my life --- powerful, influential, life-changing books with staying power," notes Marcia Ford in this memoir clothed in a series of reviews of classic and important books that will enhance and encourage personal transformation.

ESCAPE TO GOD: A Desperate Search for His Presence by Jim Hohnberger with Tim & Julie Canuteson (Spiritual Growth/Memoir)
Reviewed by Michele Howe
In search of authentic Christianity, author Jim Hohnberger and his family found the restorative power of God's love. Part personal memoir and part handbook for cultivating an intimate relationship with the Creator, Hohnberger's text challenges and inspires readers to experience the indescribable peace and empowerment God intends for His people.

THE FORGOTTEN BLESSING: Ancient Words That Heal Generational Wounds by Aaron Fruh (Christian Living)
Reviewed by Michele Howe
Do you sometimes feel as though your path is inexplicably blocked? Do some promises never seem to come true? Do you ever wonder why? Pastor Aaron Früh explains that many who encounter ongoing frustration are living under the shadow of a curse. Discover how you may have been bruised by verbal iniquity and how you can find healing through spoken blessings.

LEAD LIKE JESUS: Lessons from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges (Christian Living/Business & Leadership)
Reviewed by Cindy Crosby
With simple yet profound principles from the life of Jesus, and dozens of stories and leadership examples from his life experiences, veteran author, speaker and leadership expert Ken Blanchard guides readers through the process of discovering how to lead like Jesus. 

Click here to read our Christian Living reviews.

Marriage and Family Life Review

WALKING THE PARENTING TIGHTROPE: Raising Kids Without Losing Your Balance by Russ Robinson (Parenting)
Reviewed by Cindy Crosby
The key to parenting, says Russ Robinson, is similar to the art of walking a tightrope. You need to find balance. In this insightful and practical book, Robinson reveals how you can move from being a tense parent to having the balanced tension you need to raise independent, trustworthy and responsible kids.


Click here to read our Marriage and Family Life review.

Coming Soon on

Wondering what books are just out, or coming out in the months ahead? Be sure to check out our Coming Soon section on We have titles from March and April listed. Please note that we have not listed every book coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

Click here to find out what's coming soon.

What's New On Generic Discussion Guides for Christian Fiction and Religion/Spirituality Books

While we have close to 1,800 reading guides available on, and we're adding more all the time on as well, it can happen that no guide is available for the book your group has chosen to read. It can be intimidating when it's your turn to lead the discussion and you have no idea where to begin. In order to aid your discussion and enjoyment of your group's choices, we have created a list of questions that can be used for those books with no reading guides. Our Categories include Christian Fiction and Religion and Spirituality

Click here to read our list of questions. Poll: Finding Your Books

Where did you find out about the book you currently are reading?

- Read a review online
- Read a review someplace offline --- in a magazine or newspaper
- A friend or family member
- A local Christian bookseller
- A local general interest bookseller
- A librarian
- Television
- Radio
- Advertisement
- Browsing in a bookstore or library
- None of the above
- I cannot remember where I heard about it.

Answer the Poll here. Question of the Month

What book are you recommending most these days?

Answer the Question of the Month here.

Word of Mouth: What You're Reading
Tell us what books YOU are reading and loving --- or even those you don't. You could then be eligible to win IN THE SHADE OF THE JACARANDA: Regalo Grande, Book Two by Nikki Arana.
Tell us what you are reading here to be eligible to win!

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