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Word of Mouth

Faithful Fifteen


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This Month on
Early September 2004


Back to the Books Talks to Hannah Alexander, Author of the Hideaway Series
Special Feature and Contest: Win SONGBIRD by Lisa Samson
Karen Kingsbury, Rene Gutteridge and Diane Noble Answer The Faithful Fifteen
BABYLON RISING is Now in Paperback
Faithful Fiction Reviews
Christian Living and Marriage/Family Life Reviews
Our Monthly Poll: What Authors Are You Reading?
FaithfulReader Question of the Month
Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading: Win THE YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP GETS DOWN by Neta Jackson
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Back to the Books
September still holds memories for me of returning to school and hitting the books. This September I am thinking about hitting the books in a new way. I am talking instead about sharing them with readers and their book clubs. We bring you new two book club guides this month that can help you facilitate discussions --- The Mitford Years series guide to Jan Karon's books and The Dearest Dorothy guide to Charlene Ann Baumbich's new series. (We will have an interview with Charlene in September.)

For those of you in book clubs, please note that we have started registering groups at 1,000 groups have registered so far. Groups who register will be eligible to win special prizes from authors and publishers. If your group is interested in reading Christian titles, be sure to let us know when you register by checking off the genres where noted. See the link below for further details.

In a few short days we will mark the 3rd anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. My review of REFINED BY FIRE, which is running this month, is the story of one of the survivors of the Pentagon plane crash. I was moved by this story; I hope you are as well. Our next update will be September 22nd. We are planning interviews with both Karen Kingsbury and Davis Bunn.

Please share this newsletter with friends who may be interested in Christian writing.

Have a wonderful month.

Carol Fitzgerald (
Click here to register your reading group. Talks to Hannah Alexander, Author of the Hideaway Series's contributing writer Bethanne Kelly Patrick spoke with Cheryl and Melvin Hodde, who write under the pen name "Hannah Alexander," about their Hideaway series. They talk about the challenges of being collaborators, writers and spouses, and the struggle to balance these roles with Melvin's busy medical practice. Cheryl also discusses how her past as a teenage runaway influenced her life and work, which has led her to cherish her teenage characters above all others.

SAFE HAVEN by Hannah Alexander (Romance)
Reviewed by Bethanne Kelly Patrick
Three people who meet in a tiny lakeside Missouri town find their lives changed individually and communally as they interact with the lively cast of characters introduced in Hannah Alexander's previous novel, HIDEAWAY.
Read our interview with Hannah Alexander and a review of SAFE HAVEN here.

Special Feature and Contest: Win SONGBIRD by Lisa Samson
In June the Christy Awards were awarded for the Best Christian Fiction. SONGBIRD by Lisa Samson was the winner in the Contemporary Fiction Category. To celebrate we are running a contest where readers can win one of five copies of this book. To be eligible to win, read an excerpt here and answer this question by September 30th:

What year did Mama come to Lynchburg?

Replies should be sent to
Click here for to read more about SONGBIRD including an excerpt.
Karen Kingsbury, Rene Gutteridge and Diane Noble Answer The Faithful Fifteen
Karen Kingsbury is the bestselling author of nearly thirty books, including REUNION, the fifth and final book in the "Redemption" series, and the soon-to-be released SARAH'S SONG. In this interview Kingsbury discusses her call in life to write "Life-Changing Fiction" that focuses on real people and their relationships. She also shares the story of how her fiction helped reunite a couple on the verge of divorce and bring their family back together again.

Rene Gutteridge is the author of THE SPLITTING STORM --- her latest suspense novel and first in a series --- and the soon-to-be-released BOO WHO. In this interview Gutteridge describes her involvement in her local church as a member of the drama ministry, talks about raising her children with special faith-based traditions, and recalls a letter she received from one of her fans that moved her to tears.

Diane Noble is the author of such fiction titles as HEART OF GLASS, THE VEIL and the soon-to-be-released THE LAST STORYTELLER, along with several novellas, devotionals and nonfiction books for women. In this interview Noble explains that her faith is weaved into everything she does, including her writing, and she hopes that the messages in her books can help bring her readers closer to God. She also describes her daily prayer habits and rituals, and shares stories about encounters with readers --- of all ages --- who have been influenced by her work.
See our new Faithful Fifteen interviews here.

BABYLON RISING is Now in Paperback
BABYLON RISING by Tim LaHaye and Greg Dinallo (Fiction)
Michael Murphy is a scholar of Biblical prophecy, a field archaeologist who fearlessly hunts down and authenticates ancient artifacts from Biblical times. His latest discovery is his most amazing --- but it will send him hurtling from a life of excavation and revelations to a confrontation with the forces of the greatest evil. Reviewed by Maggie Harding.
Read our review of BABYLON RISING here.

Faithful Fiction Reviews
NO DARK VALLEY by Jamie Langston Turner (Fiction)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
When Celia Coleman's grandmother dies, she must return to the small town she hoped never to see again. Her memories of her grandmother's home and church --- and of her own behavior there --- are not happy ones. Meanwhile, the man next door is struggling with guilt over his own past, and Celia wants nothing to do with him.

Reviewed by Bethanne Kelly Patrick
Jodi Baxter --- Christian, daughter, sister, wife, mother and third-grade teacher --- is back, along with the other members of "Yada Yada," as they call their prayer group, in a sequel that addresses serious issues but is also a delight to read.

MURDER ON THE RIVIERA by Mary-Jane Deeb (Mystery)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
Having recently inherited ten million dollars from her French Grand-mère, Marie-Christine de Medici purchases a small newspaper in order to realize her dreams of a literary career. But her journalistic profession --- and her very life --- is threatened to be cut short when the newspaper's former editor is found in his sitting room, shot dead.

A BEARER OF DIVINE REVELATION: New and Selected Stories, by Lawrence Dorr (Fiction)
Reviewed by Evelyn Bence
Lawrence Dorr has written fifteen short stories that, taken as a whole, read like a novel that walks a Hungarian soldier through the ravages of World War II in Eastern Europe to the peaceful years of old age.
Our Faithful Fiction reviews may be found here.

Christian Living and Marriage/Family Life Reviews
LOOKING FOR GOD IN HARRY POTTER by John Granger (Inspiration)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
John Granger --- a devout Christian, teacher of classic literature and father of seven children --- first read the Harry Potter books so he could explain to his children why they weren't allowed to read them. But after intense study, he became convinced that the books are underestimated as literature --- and reflect important Christian truths.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO DISNEY: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust by Mark I. Pinsky (Nonfiction)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
In this follow-up to his bestselling THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE SIMPSONS: The Spiritual Life of the World's Most Animated Family, religion journalist Mark Pinsky explores the role that the animated features of The Walt Disney Company have played in the moral and spiritual development of generations of children.

REFINED BY FIRE: A Family's Triumph of Love and Faith, by Brian Birdwell & Mel Birdwell (Memoir)
Reviewed by Carol Fitzgerald
When hijacked American Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, retired Lieutenant Colonel Brian Birdwell was instantly engulfed in flames and burns consumed 60 percent of his body. Incredibly he recovered, and spiritually he and his family are stronger than ever before. Brian and his wife, Mel, tell their captivating story of God's grace and sovereignty.

SEEING AND SAVORING JESUS CHRIST by John Piper (Christian Living)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
Pastor John Piper unveils the person of Christ so that everyone can understand Jesus' deity, power and wisdom. This accessible volume can awaken nonbelievers and enrich any Christian's view of the Lord's character.

LOVE HIM IN THE MORNING: Reflections on God's Faithfulness, by John Fischer (Christian Living)
Reviewed by Marcia Ford
As award-winning musician and author John Fischer reflects on his famous lyrics from "The All Day Song," he invites you into a simpler relationship with God: to love Him and be loved. Through these provocative reflections, you'll find comfort and new reason to celebrate each new day.

THE NEW STRONG-WILLED CHILD: Birth Through Adolescence, by Dr. James Dobson (Parenting & Families)
Reviewed by Diana Keough
Following on the heels of BRINGING UP BOYS, Dr. James Dobson's phenomenal bestseller, THE NEW STRONG-WILLED CHILD offers practical how-to advice on raising difficult-to-handle children and incorporates the latest research with Dr. Dobson's legendary wit and wisdom.
Read our Christian Living and Marriage/Family Life reviews here.
Our Monthly Poll: What Authors Are You Reading?
Which of the following authors have you read or do you want to read?

Davis Bunn
Gary Chapman
Ted Dekker
John Eldredge
Neta Jackson
Jerry Jenkins
Karen Kingsbury
Tim LaHaye
Beverly Lewis
Max Lucado
Janette Oke
Francine Rivers
Phyllis Tickle
Philip Yancey
I am not interested in any of these authors.
Vote in the Poll here.

FaithfulReader Question of the Month
Please share an author or two who have made a lasting impression on you.
Answer our Question of the Month here.

Word of Mouth: Tell Us What You're Reading: Win THE YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP GETS DOWN by Neta Jackson
Tell us what books YOU are reading and loving --- or even those you don't. You could then be eligible to win THE YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP GETS DOWN by Neta Jackson!

Please note that the next Word of Mouth update is September 22nd.
Tell us what you are reading here to be eligible to win!

As always, here are a few housekeeping notes. If you are seeing this newsletter in a text version, and would prefer to see the graphics, you can either read it online (see the link on the upper right) or change your preferences below.

Those of you who wish to send mail to, please see the form on the Write to Us page.

Thanks for reading....and don't forget to forward this newsletter to a friend.

--- Carol Fitzgerald (

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