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RED, WHITE, AND   BLUE: America Series,   Book 2 Cover Art

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Books by
Laura Hayden

America Series, Book 1

America Series, Book 2


America Series, Book 2

Laura Hayden
Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN: 9781414319407

Discussion Questions
About the Book
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About the Book

Emily Benton has won the office of president but as she waits to assume that office, her closest adviser, Kate Rosen, is plagued with doubts. As a Christian, Kate owes her allegiance to a higher power. When a scandal brings the president to the brink of disaster, Kate must weigh the bonds of loyalty and duty, ambition and submission, and find a path that leads to the greater glory of God.

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Discussion Questions

1. What emotional state is Kate Rosen in at the start of this book? Who does she turn to and what conclusion does she reach? Do you have close friends you can turn to when you need to make a tough decision?

2. Kate initially describes Nick Beaudry as untouchable because of his prior relationship with Emily. But Kate finds herself responding to his overtures of friendship or more. Is this a mistake? Do you think there’s a future for Kate and Nick as a couple?

3. Emily Benton appears to be motivated solely by the acquisition of power. Do you think there’s more to it than that? Do you know someone like Emily who focuses only on putting themselves in a position of power?

4. Those readers who live in the U.S. have seen a new administration come into power during the course of this fictional series. Have you been surprised about the amount of work it takes --- in both the fictional world as well as in reality?

5. When Kate sends her private investigators to find out more about Maia Bari and Timothy Colton, she thinks, “Faith and fact. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. They can work together.” Do you have experiences when faith and fact worked together for you?

6. Is Kate a reliable narrator? Do you agree with her opinion of other characters and situations? Or does she have blind spots and biases --- and if so, what are they?

7. Despite the fact that Kate has worked in the world of politics, she’s a very trusting soul. Do you think her latest experiences will adversely affect her ability to trust anyone beyond her family?

8. What observations does this novel make about politics? How do these ideas relate to the current political climate?

9. “At the end of the book, Kate is forced to make a decision: stay or walk away from her position as the White House chief of staff and, more importantly, from Emily”? Have you ever had to face a difficult decision like this?

10. How do you think Kate felt when at the end, she realizes that Emily betrayed her trust? Have you ever had a close friend who betrayed you? Have you been able to forgive that person?

© Copyright 2017 by Laura Hayden. Reprinted with permission by Tyndale House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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