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Alton Gansky




Reading Group Guides

with Capt. Jeff Struecker


Capt. Jeff Struecker, with Alton Gansky
B&H Books
ISBN: 9780805448535

Discussion Questions

About the Book

Six American men live behind a protective façade, their real work hidden from neighbors and friends. Different in countless ways, they are intimately the same in one: at any moment their lives can be altered with a phone call, and their actions may change the world.They are Special Ops. And one team’s mission is about to hit certain jeopardy status when the discovery of an Al Qaeda base in Venezuela becomes secondary to thwarting the transport of a nuclear weapons expert from that training camp to Iran.Informed by the true combat experience of Captain Jeff Struecker and finessed by award-winning novelist Alton Gansky, CERTAIN JEOPARDY is an immersing and pulsating fictional account of what really happens at every level of a stealth engagement: the physical enemy encounter, the spiritual war fought within a soldier, and the emotional battles in families back at home.

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Discussion Questions

In the first part of the book, the team is drawn into a firefight when two men spot their location. They learn the men were not the enemy, just two shepherds in the wrong place at the wrong time. J.J. is seen standing over their bodies, clearly bothered by his role in killing innocent men.

1. Is it more difficult being a Christian in the military than for those outside of the faith?

2. What would you tell Colt if you were there?

Moyer, the team leader, believes he has a life-threatening illness yet keeps it a secret from his family and from the military.

3. What does this tell you about the man?

John Milton said, “They also serve who only stand and wait.” Much of the book deals with events affecting the families of some of the team members.

4. What role do you think the families of military personnel play in the defense of our country?

Martin Caraway makes it clear that he dislikes J.J. for no other reason than J.J. is a Christian.

5. Does that seem possible to you?

6. Are there people who blame Christians for unpleasant events?

As events unfold Caraway and J.J. are forced to depend on one another for survival.

7. How did their relationship change during those hours?

Jose Medina, the team medic, learns his wife and unborn child are in the hospital facing one of the most difficult decisions parents can face, but events in the mission cause Jose to choose to stay in Venezuela.

8. Do you think he made the right decision?

9. Other than their lives, what other things do active duty military risk in the course of their duty?

The team takes on a sudden and more pressing mission, one that may require an action no one wants to take: the killing of an innocent man. If they cannot rescue Dr. Hector Cenobio then they may have to resort to taking his life to keep what he knows out of the hands of a terrorist country.

10. What are the ethics of such a decision?

11. Is it ever the right thing to do the wrong thing?

© Copyright 2017 by Capt. Jeff Struecker, with Alton Gansky. Reprinted with permission by B&H Books. All rights reserved.

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