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Jamie Carie






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Jamie Carie
B&H Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9780805448139

Discussion Questions
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About the Book

New from Jamie Carie, today’s most awarded new Christian romance writer. Christophé, the Count of St. Laurent, has lost his entire family to the blood-soaked French Revolution and must flee to an ancient castle along the southern border of France to survive. But the medieval city of Carcassonne proves more than a hiding place. Here Christophé meets the beautiful widow Scarlett, a complex and lionhearted woman suddenly taken by the undercover aristocrat’s passion for astronomy and its influence upon his faith. Although their acquaintance begins brightly enough, when the Count learns that Scarlett is related to the man who murdered his family, he turns from love and chooses revenge. Heaven only knows what it might take for Christophé to love again, to love his enemy, and to love unconditionally.

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Discussion Questions

1. Christophé asks Scarlett if she loved her deceased husband. The question makes Scarlett angry. How can you tell if Scarlett loved Daniel? Have you ever leapt into something and then later realized it wasn't exactly what you thought it would be? What did you do? How did the experience change you?

2. Catastrophe strikes Christophé and his family leaving him bereft and traumatized. What has been your greatest challenge or hardship? How did you get through it? In what unexpected ways did God help you? What did you learn?

3. Christophé is a scientific genius. When his past pain becomes almost unbearable he turns to two things: his science and his relationship with God. When immersed in science he feels a respite from the devastation of his life. What is your respite from pain? How does it help or hinder you?

4. Is it wrong to look to something other than God to comfort us (people, hobbies, entertainment, etc.)?

5. Christophé meets a life-long friend and mentor in Jasper. Who have you met that changed your life? How? Have you had the opportunity to be that kind of person to someone else?

6. When Christophé looks at Scarlett he sees his second chance at life. Who has there been in your life that gave you that feeling? Have you ever felt God placed someone in your life because He knew you needed them at that time?

7. Scarlett has the penchant for "falling in love" easily. What has falling in love been like for you? If you’re married, what was your courtship like? Would you do anything different? If not married (and you want to be), what do you hope happens: instant love/attraction/feelings or a slow building friendship that leads to more? Why?

8. The Bonham women are in an uproar to feed and entertain Christophé when he comes for dinner. What was your childhood like? Were there girls or boys predominating? How about your living situation now? Do you like "a man about the house" or do men's habits challenge you?

9. Christophé clings to the sacraments of communion and the prayers of his upbringing to reach out to the Father. What church or religious upbringing did you have? Does it still impact your spiritual relationship with the Father?

10. How did you come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior?

11. Christophé is devastated anew when he learns that Scarlett is carrying Robespierre's great-nephew and supporting the Bonham women. Have you ever risked love and then found out something that made it seem impossible to go on? What happened?

12. As the Bonham women enter Paris, Stacia is overwhelmed with the beauty of Paris. When have you felt like that about a place? What is your favorite place to vacation that you have seen?

13. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

14. What do you think about Robespierre? Is he a sympathetic "bad guy" that you are rooting for or an evil man who needs to be overcome? Have you ever met someone who, after learning their background, you were able to feel compassion toward despite an outward evil? (i.e. Darth Vader from Star Wars)

15. When writing this story, I was surprised to find Emilie such a strong child, mature in her faith and trust in God. What young person have you met who had a strong faith and connection with God despite hardships? Were you like that as a child? Any examples?

16. With Robespierre dead, The Terror over, and Christophé no longer on the run, Christophé and Scarlett are finally free to love each other. What outside obstacles have kept you from loving someone? Did it work out in the end?

17. Do you prefer stories that end "happily ever after?" Why or why not?

© Copyright 2017 by Jamie Carie. Reprinted with permission by B&H Books. All rights reserved.

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