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SARAH'S PROMISE: Country Road Chronicles #4 Cover Art

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Leisha Kelly Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- September 2004

Books by
Leisha Kelly


Country Road
Chronicles #4

A Wortham Family Christmas




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Country Road Chronicles #4

Leisha Kelly
ISBN: 9780800759872

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About the Book

Book 4 in the Country Road Chronicles provides a wonderful conclusion to the popular Wortham family saga

Frank Hammond makes a wintry journey of over two hundred miles to help his brother and look into a job offer he hopes will be the new beginning he is searching for. But all Sarah wants is to make a home as close as possible to the farms where they were raised. Why would Frank even consider moving so far away?

As Frank strives to make a new start in a fresh location, he comes face-to-face with his own handicaps and a new-found call of God. At the same time, Sarah struggles for the faith to fulfill her own promise to trust God, and Frank, no matter what the circumstances. With their wedding date approaching, Sarah must come to terms with her doubts and misgivings while Frank finds that a gesture of kindness to strangers has opened a surprising door of renewed hope. Leisha Kelly fans will thrill to see the unfolding love story of Frank and Sarah, a fitting conclusion to the Wortham and Hammond saga.

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Discussion Questions

1. The story begins with Frank leaving to help his brother move in. Sarah is nervous about the long journey. What does Sarah do to overcome her nerves? Have you ever been nervous over a long journey? How did you overcome your nerves?

2. On Frank's journey, he has many opportunities to help people out. People seem to be surprised by his kindness. Why do you think people are surprised? Are you ever surprised by someone genuinely caring about you?

3. While Sarah remains at home, Donald Mueller attempts to steal her away from Frank. Sarah is put off by him, but she does let herself think about Donald's desire to stay at home versus Frank's thirst for somewhere new. How does Sarah handle these feelings, as well as Donald's interest? Do you believe her way of dealing with it was the right way?

4. Frank refuses Sam's help because he wants to do this on his own, and he knows that Sam's plan is not the right one for him. How does Sam react to Frank's decision? If Frank were your brother, how would you react?

5. Sarah is consistently standing up for Frank because even his family does not believe in him. Sarah is usually very kind with her words, but at times she loses her patience. Does Sarah ever grow tired of defending Frank? Have you ever had to defend someone you love? When? How did you defend them?

6. It is clear that God has called Frank to Camp Point; however, he must bring Sarah around to the idea. How does Frank ask Sarah about Camp Point? How does Sarah react? Have you ever loved someone so much that you were willing to move for them?

7. Throughout this book, the characters' conceptions of Frank are that he is incapable of making it by himself, without the help of his brother. Frank quickly proves them all wrong. How does Frank's confidence grow after he moves to Camp Point? Have you ever been in a situation where you were thought incapable of doing something? What happened?

8. Rorey's attitude, along with setting her wedding date so close to Sarah and Frank's, makes Sarah a little jealous. How does Frank encourage Sarah about their wedding --- and Rorey? How would you feel about Rorey's attitude?

9. Sarah soon catches the same excitement that Frank has about moving to Camp Point. What do you think changed her attitude? Have you ever moved a long distance from your family? How did you feel?

10. Trust is a prevalent theme throughout Sarah's Promise. Sarah learns to trust God about the move and her future, and Frank learns to trust God about his direction in life. What are some situations in which you have had to trust God? How did you learn to do that?

© Copyright 2017 by Leisha Kelly. Reprinted with permission by Revell. All rights reserved.

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