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Kathleen Morgan Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- April 2005

Books by
Kathleen Morgan

Heart of the Rockies

A Culdee Creek Christmas


These Highland Hills
Book Two

These Highland Hills
Book Three

Guardians of Gadiel Series
Book One

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Heart of the Rockies


Kathleen Morgan
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9780800758165

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About the Book

Are they willing to risk love and freedom for queen and country?

Heather Gordon has enjoyed the privileges of sixteenth-century Scottish nobility her entire life. Despite this comfort and ease, she yearns for a more fulfilling existence. Her prayers are soon answered --- though not quite the way she expected.

Duncan Mackenzie has never known a life beyond the rugged Highland countryside. When a daring rescue is planned to free Mary, Queen of Scots, Duncan finds he is the key to unlocking the fortress where she is imprisoned. But first he must shed his rough Highland ways and learn to behave as a fine gentleman --- something only a member of the nobility can teach him.

Heather and Duncan find themselves drawn together against their better judgment to complete this daring rescue. But in the close quarters of Duncan's remote Highland cottage, there is more stirring than political rebellion. Deceit, betrayal, and unexpected love draw you into this gripping story.

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Discussion Questions

1. Heather Gordon had a privileged upbringing and is now going to live in the meager conditions of a small home in the Highlands. How do you think she will adjust? Do you think she has a good attitude about the move? How would you react in her situation?

2. This story raises questions about class issues. Are we born to one class of people or can we move between different classes during our lives? What makes someone high class while someone else is seen as low class? Have you ever looked down on someone from another background? Have you ever been judged for your class associations?

3. The story of the twin brothers raised in different circumstances brings up the issue of nature vs. nurture. How have their different upbringings contributed to who they are as adults? Are their differences completely explained by living apart? Or might they be intrinsically different?

4. Throughout this book the charactersí conceptions of what is noble are tested. What do you think makes someone noble? Blood? Actions? Something else?

5. Heather and Duncan both judge each other according to outer appearance and behavior when they first meet. How were they right about each other? How were their assessments wrong? What danger is there in developing a judgment of someone before getting to know them?

6. Loyalty is a pervasive theme in the book. Should we be loyal first to family, country, a particular group or party in a country (like Maryís loyal supporters), God, ourselves, or something else? Who do you think was most loyal in this book? Least?

7. When Duncan finds out the truth of his parentage he feels lost and without a family. He doesnít fully belong to either world. Have you ever felt that you didnít belong?

8. Robert Gordon has apparently used his involvement in the plot to save Duncan as an excuse to play God. What do you think of his actions? Do you think there is any merit to his position? Or has he done an injustice to Duncan and Colin? When have you dealt with someone who is self-serving to the detriment of others?

9. Heather makes a decision about her relationship with Duncan that will change her life. Do you think she makes the right one? Do you think she can truly be happy with the life sheís chosen?

10. This story shows that life sometimes takes us places we donít expect and that God can answer some prayer in surprising ways. How have you experienced a surprising answer to prayer? Do you think you are in control of your life? Why or why not? If not, who or what is?

© Copyright 2017 by Kathleen Morgan. Reprinted with permission by Revell. All rights reserved.

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