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KISS ME IF YOU   DARE: Patricia Amble Mystery, Book Three Cover Art

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KISS ME IF YOU DARE: Patricia Amble Mystery, Book Three
Nicole Young
ISBN: 9780800731595

Discussion Questions
About the Book
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About the Book

Tish Amble is dead --- or so she’s been told

On the run from a backwoods Michigan drug ring that wants her dead, Tish Amble finds herself in sunny California with an assumed identity and a mysterious benefactor. All she wants to do is lay low for awhile, then return to her family --- including her almost-fiancé Brad. Instead, she ends up trying to start a normal life, going back to work on the college degree she postponed long ago, and restoring a block of homes.

But her past catches up with her. Someone sabotages her work, and Brad hasn’t called in months. Should she return to Michigan to find out what has happened? Or would a homecoming be more painful --- and deadly --- than she’s ready for?

Full of fast-paced action and nail-biting suspense, Kiss Me If You Dare is the thrilling conclusion to the Patricia Amble Mysteries.

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Discussion Questions

1. In this book Tish finally comes to terms with many things in her life: her past, her emotional baggage, and most importantly her reactions and responses to all of these things. What do you think are the two or three most important things she discovers about herself?

2. Tish discovers toward the end of the book that much of her life has been ruled by fear. Why do you think she is so fearful? What is she truly running away from? Is it her circumstances and tragedies that she fears or coming to know herself and accepting God’s direction in her life?

3. In the first two books Brad is the rational, spiritual, relational strength in Tish’s life. In this story however, we see some of his weaknesses, the chinks in his armor. What makes Brad desire to give up on life? Is it his feeling of being abandoned by Tish or is it something else?

4. Brad’s decision to see the doctors and physical therapists and move back toward life is mentioned but not explored. What happened during his visit from Tish that was different or more effective than any other attempt to help him heal?

5. Candace held an important link to the past for Tish. Discuss Tish’s continually conflicting feelings toward her. Have you ever had a very important person in your life like Candace? Someone who evoked very strong yet opposing feelings in you; between trust and distrust, love and hate, acceptance and rejection?

6. The theme of unconditional love weaves throughout this story. Puppa says that he felt for a long time that he was infected by a cancer in the brain but came to discover that he was instead infected by love for Candace. We see this unconditional love between other lovers in the story and between parents and children. Did any particular relationship stand out for you? Why? Have you experienced this kind of unconditional love? How do these relationships help us, or the characters, understand the unconditional love of God?

7. Tish’s search for family has been a steady theme throughout the series. She finds many families in this book, from her classmates in Del Gloria to her father and stepfamily in Canada. At what point do you think Tish began to feel wholeness and acceptance within a family? What was it about this family that enabled her to trust and to love and to learn?

8. Why do you think Tish decides to leave Brad again to return to California? Do you agree with her decision? What does she hope they will both gain during this time apart?

9. When Tish first meets Portia they take an instant dislike to one another. What prompted this first distaste and mistrust? Can you pinpoint a moment when their suspicion began to grow into friendship? How did these two women grow from bitter rivals into trusted, cherished friends?

10. Tish had built an impenetrable wall around herself cutting off everyone around her believing that she could and should do everything all by herself. Eventually she learns that she can’t go it alone. How do her friends in Del Gloria teach her to work as a team and to build real and lasting relationships?

© Copyright 2017 by Nicole Young. Reprinted with permission by Revell. All rights reserved.

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