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Trish Perry



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Trish Perry
Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736930161

Discussion Questions
About the Book
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About the Book

Counselor Tina Milano has been visiting Milly's Tea Shop regularly for the past several months. She has many friends but no steady man in her life. Zack Cooper is a local farmer who provides Milly with fresh fruit and vegetables. As a single parent, Zack is doing his best to raise his teenage son and daughter on his own.

When the kids get in minor scrapes with the law, Milly gently encourages Zack and Tina to work together to draw the teens back before their rebellious natures land them in even hotter water. At first Tina sees the relationship in only a professional capacity, but soon her friends notice the luscious scent of romance in the air and decide to help things along.

TEA FOR TWO is a faith-filled novel that explores the delight of second chances, warm friendship, and unexpected romantic encounters.

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Discussion Questions

1. At the very beginning of the book, the point is made that Zack differs from the typical male in one respect. What is that difference? What does that tell you about him?

2. Are there men in your life who typify the male stereotype with regard to compartmentalizing work issues and personal issues? Are there men in your life more like Zack in that regard? How do/would those temperaments affect you?

3. What experience has Tina carried with her for the past 14 years? How do you think it has affected her romantic relationships? If you can pinpoint a past experience (positive or negative) that still colors your romantic relationships today, express what that effect is.

4. Dylan and Sherry rebel in ways many teens do. How do you think their behavior might have differed if their mother were still around? Would it be better? Worse?

5. Why was Dylan drawn to the pastors and youth group at Tina's church? How does that compare to your experience with evangelism?

6. Officer Bucky Reynolds exhibits a number of differing personality traits throughout the book. Tina's friend Edie insists he's a "good cop." Why does Bucky make some of the poor decisions he makes in this story?

7. Tina assures Milly she could never be nosy. What do you think of Milly's suggestions about Zack and Tina getting together? Does she have matchmaking in mind, or is she only thinking of the kids?

8. Speaking of nosy, consider Tina's women's group. Does Tina allow them too much familiarity with her, or is the counselor-client relationship a healthy one? Would you be more comfortable in Tina's group or in one with a more formal environment?

9. What do you think about the method Tina and Zack used to encourage Dylan and Sherry to comfortably talk with Tina?

10. What was it that initially turned Zack to Christ when he was a young man? What are your thoughts about whether or not he should share that particular information with Dylan and/or Sherry?

11. What do you think of Tina's ultimate decision with regard to counseling Stacy Sumner? Was she fair or not? How would you have handled that final meeting?

12. In the final scene, what happened to cause Tina to feel more open and frank with Zack than she had ever been before? What kept her from being that honest with him (and herself) before then?

© Copyright 2011 by Trish Perry. Reprinted with permission by Harvest House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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