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MOVING UP: Dr. Sujay’s Ten Steps to Turning Your Life Around and Getting to the Top! Cover Art

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MOVING UP: Dr. Sujay’s Ten Steps to Turning Your Life Around and Getting to the Top!
Suzan Johnson Cook
ISBN: 9780385524292

Discussion Questions
Critical Praise
About the Book

About the Book

Described by the New York Times as “Billy Graham and Oprah rolled into one,” Suzan Johnson Cook shares her winning formula for facing life’s transitions with confidence and faith. Utilizing personal and Biblical examples, Dr. Sujay urges readers to embrace the kairos moments in their life; that is, those moments of opportunity and change. When these opportunities come along, Dr. Sujay instructs that we are to declare “I’m moving up!” and move to a place of fulfillment with ourselves and God. Moving Up sets out the ten steps leading to a new, more satisfying place in life: Stand Up, Speak Up, Look Up, Book Up, Kiss Up, Listen Up, Hang Up, Make Up, Wake Up, and Cheer Up. Following each lesson with practice exercises and helpful suggestions, Cook pushes her readers to break free of the chains of life, embrace the moment and move up!

The questions and discussion topics that follow are intended to enhance your reading of Suzan Johnson Cook’s Moving Up. We hope they will enrich your experience with this motivational book.

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Discussion Questions

1. Transition is a constant theme throughout the course of the book. What examples does Dr. Sujay give from her own life of how she acted on pivotal, transitional moments? How did it affect her? Her family? Think of examples from you own life where you embraced transition and have become better for it.

2. When we “move up,” we must remember to move both horizontally and vertically – that is, reach out to those around us while reaching up to God. How does Dr. Sujay explain that in order for us to “move up” we must “move out” and help others as well?

Stand Up!
1. Stand Up! emphasizes motivation. Discuss Dr. Sujay’s statement “My attitude determines my altitude” (16). Why is it important for someone to be ready for the kairos moment? How can a bad attitude cause someone to miss a chance to move up? What historical examples does she give of people who had the right attitude, despite adverse situations?

2. Courage and patience are two crucial virtues one must possess in order to move up. How does Dr. Sujay allay the concern that courage and patience are opposites? How are courage and patience crucial to the three rights: right motive, right timing, right action? (29)

Speak Up!
1. Dr. Sujay references the story of Zelophehad’s daughters as inspiration for her work. She claims the daughters “had a voice for themselves and for future generations.” How does Dr. Sujay encourage her readers to find their voice? Discuss how it is essential to moving up to not only be heard but to be in a place where you CAN be heard.

2. Why is “silence a travesty or can become a tragedy?” (51) How will patience, courage and boldness help create a legacy of speaking up?

Look Up!
1. Dr. Sujay deftly weaves modern day examples into her work. How did you feel about her view on the demise of many young celebrities? Think of a few that you see in the media and see if they match Dr. Sujay’s profile of those who have “an abundance of stuff but lack an abundance of life.” (57)

2. What, according to Dr. Sujay, is the great thing about “staying in now?” Discuss this in relation to how acknowledging past problems and getting excited about the future result in moving up.

Book Up!
1. How does reading serve as inspiration? What does Dr. Sujay recommend reading if one wants to help build their dreams?

Kiss Up!
1. What are the fives keys for “Kissing up right?” Do you think Dr. Sujay is right when she states that kissing up “gives you an edge in building relationships that will bless you in the long term?” (91) Why or why not?

Listen Up!
1. 1) Why do you think Dr. Sujay is so staunch in her belief that everyone needs a sabbatical? Discuss how you must be reactive to the word of God in order to be proactive with what He gives you.

Hang Up!
1. Dr. Sujay describes “hanging up” as a difficult, yet exciting moment in life. Why do you think she believes that boundaries are necessary when you hang up the old and start with the new? How important is being honest when it comes time to “get real, get over it, and get beyond it…” (134) How is being honest with yourself, your friends and your God beneficial in the quest to move up?

Make Up!
1. How did you feel when Dr. Sujay recounted the story of shutting out the family member that hurt her? How did it affect your view on how positive one needs to be in order to “move up?” How did Dr. Sujay learn that “peacemaking is more than a skill set; it’s a lifestyle arising from a compassionate virtue…” (154)

Wake Up!
1. The “wake up” chapter is an invigorating read: prompting one to get on the course to “move up!” And yet, it is in the latter part of the book. Do you think Dr. Sujay put it here intentionally? Why not make it the first chapter?

2. Discuss how “waking up” means making personal sacrifices and setting priorities.

Cheer Up!
1. 1) Discuss the following concepts: kairos, sabbatical, hanging up and waking up, and their relationship to Cheer Up! What about the concept of “facing up?” How must we face up to our own culture, beliefs, values, and lifestyles before we can move up to God? How did the daughters of Zelophehad face up to a society that did not think they should have what they rightfully deserved?

The Final Up!
1. Dr. Sujay readily acknowledges that there were many “ups” that she forgot. Take a moment and think of three “ups” of your own that can help you to “move up” to God.

© Copyright 2017 by Suzan Johnson Cook. Reprinted with permission by Doubleday. All rights reserved.

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