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THE DESIRES OF HER   HEART: Texas: Star of Destiny, Book 1 Cover Art

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Lyn Cote

Texas: Star of Destiny, Book 1

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Texas: Star of Destiny, Book 1


Texas: Star of Destiny, Book 1

Lyn Cote
Avon Inspire
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9780061373411

Discussion Questions
About the Book
Author Talk –– February 2009
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About the Book

THE DESIRES OF HER HEART is a beautiful historical romance between a woman forced to make a new life on the Texas frontier and the scout who leads their wagon train through the uncharted territory. Set in 1821, Dorritt Mott is anti-slavery, a woman ahead of her time. When events make it impossible for her family, including an overbearing stepfather and a spoiled half-sister, to remain in New Orleans, they head to Texas on foot to join Stephen Austin’s settlement and recoup their fortune in virgin Texas.

Quinn, a social outcast as the half-breed son of a Cherokee mother and an American father, has made a name for himself as a scout and a man not to be taken lightly. When the New Orleans lady and the frontiersman meet, they become unlikely allies as they travel the wilds of Texas. But will their trek be in vain? Mexico has broken with the Spanish Crown that had granted Austin land. And both armies plus marauding Comanche roam the pine forest and prairie of Texas.

And though they are unaware of it, there is a closer danger, a man who is plotting destruction and who will try to make Dorritt and Quinn pawns in his scheme. As their romance blossoms, can Dorritt help Quinn put his trust in the God, who has promised that those that delight in Him shall be given the desires of their hearts? What will it take for Quinn to believe that promise?

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Discussion Questions

1. The status of women has changed a great deal over the past two hundred years. Compare and contrast the life of a woman of 1821 and the life of a twenty-first century woman.

2. What is the biblical view of the status of women? What does Scripture have to say?

3. Read in 1 Samuel 16 the account of Samuel anointing David as the second king of Israel. What does this tell us about how God judges people?

4. Have you ever been forced to trust in God in difficult circumstances? How? And what did you learn about trusting God? Why is it so hard to trust God at times?

5. Dorritt, her mother, and Reva all were liberated in Texas. What triggered each of them to begin to behave differently, in a freer manner?

6. Racial prejudice was rampant in 1821. Why did this trouble Dorritt? What did Maria tell Dorritt she possessed that others lacked?

7. Go to any concordance and look up the word trust, then choose a few verses about trusting God and write them down. Trusting God means surrendering to His will for our lives. What do you need to surrender to Him and trust Him with in your life?

8. Which characters were your favorites and why?

9. Psalm 37 was Dorritt’s life scripture. What is yours?

10. Quinn didn’t believe God cared about him personally until he came face-to-face with death. Why do you think this was?

© Copyright 2017 by Lyn Cote. Reprinted with permission by Avon Inspire. All rights reserved.

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