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Richard Botelho
Windstream Publishing Company
ISBN: 0964392690

About the Book

LEAH'S WAY is that rarest of novels, one that combines an inspirational story with unapologetic realism, where characters come alive and fill the heart with experiences as unforgettable as life itself. The tale of one woman's quest to find the meaning of her life, LEAH'S WAY examines the soul at search, set against a world full of human weakness and misgiving. A lifetime of poor choices and the folly of one's own pride can overwhelm the noblest of intentions. Hope can appear to be only a distant memory. Still, the soul seeks an answer to the mystery of living. It is in this seeming despair that LEAH'S WAY becomes a story of personal resolve and triumph, the kind of singular determination that inspires the reader toward a greater appreciation for all that people struggle to achieve. There is something in LEAH'S WAY for everyone, a tapestry of interaction and believability that resonates with each and every reader, and women everywhere are lauding its depth and emotional power. LEAH'S WAY is eminently discussable, a novel unlike any other, perfect for reading groups and classrooms alike, and one you'll surely never forget.

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Discussion Questions

1. What is it about the Mother/Father relationship that appears to be so difficult? Why does Walton allow Margaret to treat him with such disrespect? Why does Margaret feel the way she does and how do her feelings change over time?

2. Is Margaret Justified in being so harsh with Leah? What is her motivation? Why does Walton not intervene?

3. Blake was Leah's first love. Was she too young and inexperienced? Why couldn't she let herself get past him? In her mind, does the relationship become more than it ever was?

4. Leah sees Vic as her ticket out of Nashville. What was Leah searching for by escaping Nashville? How do her beliefs sustain her at this time?

5. Leah feels she should be happy but melancholy seems to follows her. Her father is gone, she is frustrated and full of self-pity and bitterness; she is in marital hell. Was her affair with Dan inevitable?

6. What about David? He is unforgiving and disowns his mother. Do you think his feelings and actions are justified?

7. After the divorce and over a period of time Leah meets other men but does not have a satisfactory relationship. Jay tells her she is incapable of loving anyone. Do you think that is so? Roberto tells her she must trust in life and dare to take a chance. Why is this such a hard thing for her to do?

8. Do you think Leah's choice to wander the country is meant as self-punishment? What is she looking for?

9. Life brings all of us some degree of pain and disappointment. Why could Leah not accept this as part of her life adventure?

10. What is the significance of The Explorer? Is he similar to Leah in any respects? What are the differences between them?

11. Since childhood, Leah was fascinated by the stars in the heavens. The theme of the stars reappears throughout the novel. Why? What is so important to Leah about stars in the sky? What about the significance of nature, the many references to the natural world, of land and sea and sky? How does it contrast to characters in the book?

12. Is Leah a tragic figure or a heroine? Is she representative of all people? How does Leah embody the inherent duality of the human condition?

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Critical Praise

"Botelho's heartrending and convincing account reinforces just how fragile our worlds can be. Highly recommended."
Library Journal

"If you are in the mood for a purposeful, but fictional work that is also a stimulating and thoughtful read, pick up a copy of LEAH'S WAY. It will touch your spirit."
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"Beautifully told, many will see similarities within their own life."
The Midwest Book Review

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About the Author

Richard Botelho is a recognized professional writer and social philosopher since 1984. Mr. Botelho's writing credits include his book THE NEW INDIVIDUALISM: Personal Change to Transform Society, used in over one hundred colleges and universities in both undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as articles appearing in The Journal of Personal Transformation, MDM Publications, and the Stone Institute. He is frequently interviewed by both local and national media for his opinions on matters as diverse as economic policy, consumer behavior, societal trends, and global integration. His work has been international in scope, consisting of a variety of assignments, including work from India, Ukraine, Canada, and Ireland. He received his B.A. and M.A. in Government from California State University, Sacramento. Mr. Botelho lives in Danville, California. This is his first novel.

Copyright 2004 by Richard Botelho. Reprinted with permission by Windstream Publishing Company, an imprint of PUB2. All rights reserved.

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