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Books by
Stacy Hawkins Adams




Stacy Hawkins Adams
ISBN: 0800730976

Discussion Questions
Critical Praise
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About the Book

Life seems sweet for Serena McDaniels. She has a handsome husband, a beautiful home, and a job she loves.

But there are two things she can't get out of her mind --- the children she craves and a best friend trapped in an abusive marriage. After two miscarriages already, Serena's not sure her dream of motherhood will ever come true. She can't help her friend, Erika, leave Elliot behind without jeopardizing her own safety. And she watches helplessly as her husband, Micah, struggles for answers to a personal dilemma.

Can Serena trust God to lead her life and the lives of her loved ones --- no matter what?

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Discussion Questions

1. Do you know what it feels like to want something so badly that it consumes you? Which characters in this novel have that tendency?

2. The characters long for good and right things, yet their prayers aren't answered right away, or just as they desire. Is it always necessary to sacrifice your dreams or alter your course in life to please God?

3. Erika finally made a life-changing decision regarding Elliott. Why do you think it took her so long?

4. Soon after leaving Elliott, Erika tentatively yearns to know more about God. Is this the cliché "transformation," or just God's way of speaking to her and reaching her when she is most open to hearing him? Does it matter how or why the connection with God occurs?

5. Is Serena's grief over her miscarriages warranted? Does she show a lack of faith by questioning why God hasn't answered her prayers?

6. Is Micah foolish and/or selfish to question the opportunity to have his church's services televised? Were his concerns valid?

7. Was Micah condemning all televangelist ministries, or merely asserting that now wasn't the right time for Standing Rock Community Church to make the leap to TV?

8. Serena finally begins to grow closer to her father. Is her fledgling relationship with Melvin Gates worthwhile or an affront to her mother's memory?

9. Did Mrs. Gates have a special kind of courage or grace to overlook her husband's infidelity and not hold it against Serena? Why do you think she embraced Serena as part of the family?

10. Charlotte Gregory played an important part in Erika's life for many months. How and why was she such an anchor for Erika?

11. Are Elliott's actions near the end of the book surprising? Do his revelations make him more likeable?

12. Was Erika right or wrong in her decision regarding her marriage?

13. What significance does the title of the book hold in regard to the circumstances faced by each of the main characters?

14. How important is it to make sure that the desires of our hearts align with God's desires for us?

© Copyright 2017 by Stacy Hawkins Adams. Reprinted with permission by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. All rights reserved.

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Critical Praise

"NOTHING BUT THE RIGHT THING is the right thing for women struggling with long suffering, maternity, family responsibility, and faith. Illuminating with great integrity."
Christian Fiction News

"After the last page you'll walk away with another dose of faith, a new hope for your dreams, and a realization that walking with God is nothing but the right thing!"
—Tia McCollors, author of A HEART OF DEVOTION and ZORA'S CRY

"NOTHING BUT THE RIGHT THING is an outstanding heartfelt and compelling novel about faith, love, friendship, and forgiveness."
—Kimberley Brooks, author of HE'S FINE...BUT IS HE SAVED?

"Stacy Hawkins Adams weaves an eye-opening tale of a preacher pushed too far and a woman beaten one too many times with hope, humor and grace. This stirring tale of grace and adversity will keep readers turning pages long into the night."
—Marilynn Griffith, author of PINK and JADE

"NOTHING BUT THE RIGHT THING conveys a powerful true-to-life message of life and love that every woman of every age must read. I was captivated and deeply moved from the first to last page. If Adams keeps writing novels this good, this inspiring, this soul stirring, she has a long career ahead of her and I will always be the first in line to buy her book!"
—Marina Woods, founder and editor-in-chief,

© Copyright 2017 by Stacy Hawkins Adams. Reprinted with permission by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. All rights reserved.

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