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Lauraine Snelling Answers The Faithful Fifteen -- June 2004

Books by
Lauraine Snelling

Daughters of Blessing #2




Lauraine Snelling
ISBN-10: 0446582085
ISBN-13: 9780446582087

Discussion Questions
About the Book
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About the Book

Bestselling author Lauraine Snelling crafts a poignant story of hope and restoration for a newly paroled mother rebuilding her life after the loss of her son. Maggie Roberts is starting over again after her reckless driving led to a 10-year prison sentence and the devastating loss of her son.

Having learned to repurpose retired thoroughbred racehorses through an inmate training program, Maggie finds a way to rebuild her life. But it's not until she meets single father Gil Winters and his wheelchair-bound son, Edward, that she finds her calling. In helping Edward with his therapy using horses, Maggie finds herself coming to life again. But when a shadow from the past returns, Maggie is forced to choose between her newfound freedom and getting Edward the life-saving help he needs.

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Discussion Questions

1. What causes Maggie to agree to participate in the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program?

2. Mr. James says that "working with horses reveals who we are. No matter how hard we try to hide it." How does the program and working with Breaking Free help Maggie? In what ways do you see it helps the inmates?

3. Why is Maggie afraid of being vulnerable? How does this help or hurt her while she is in prison?

4. How has the lack of forgiveness for her own mistakes affected Maggie's life while in prison?

5. What parallels do you see in Maggie's and Breaking Free's struggles and recovery?

6. What lessons of forgiveness and second chances does Maggie learn by taking care of and rehabilitating Freebee?

7. How does DC's bullying help Maggie learn to fight for herself?

8. Compare Carly's, DC's, Kool Kat's, and Maggie's approaches to life. Who do you find yourself identifying with most?

9. What lessons does Maggie learn about God's grace in meeting Gil and starting over?

10. How is Maggie's presence in Gil's and Eddie's life good for each of them?

11. How does Maggie's life experience challenge Gil's role as a father to Eddie?

12. How does Maggie's and Breaking Free's brokenness help each of them to heal? Can brokenness be beautiful?

© Copyright 2017 by Lauraine Snelling. Reprinted with permission by FaithWords. All rights reserved.

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