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Word of Mouth

Faithful Fifteen


February 2004

THE PASSION by Forward by Mel Gibson
One of the more talked about --- and controversial --- movies that we can remember is The Passion of The Christ, the story of the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus Christ. The accompanying book THE PASSION already is racking up impressive sales. Here Founder Carol Fitzgerald weighs in with a look inside THE PASSION and a commentary.

November 2003

THANKSGIVING: A Time to Remember by Barbara Rainey
When some people think of Thanksgiving, the following images may be the only ones that come to mind: elaborate feasts with a huge turkey and "all the fixings," parades featuring oversized floats and marching bands, and football fans glued to the television set all afternoon. Unfortunately for them, our national day of gratitude and celebration has lost its original meaning.

That is why Barbara Rainey, a frequent speaker at FamilyLife Conferences on marriage and parenting, has written THANKSGIVING: A TIME TO REMEMBER. In addition to recalling the history of Thanksgiving Day, Rainey talks about gratefulness and remembrance from a biblical standpoint and gives readers suggestions for building lasting Thanksgiving traditions. Accompanying this full-color, large format gift book is a CD with 23 minutes of instrumental Thanksgiving music.

Reading this beautiful book and listening to these songs of worship and praise is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your family's awareness of our nation's Christian heritage, provide models of courage and sacrifice for your children, and establish a tradition of sharing your gratefulness with the people you cherish most.